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We celebrate the opportunity to carry out the commission Jesus Christ gave to His followers.

For those who wish to contribute to this ministry business please note we are currently an Unincorporated Association (2008-2020)

Send checks to:  B.E.K.A. (BEKingdom Alignment) P.O. Box 511 Dawson Springs, KY 42408 

On checks: be sure to specify in the memo section where you desire the funds to be allocated.

Under the GIVING tab you will find categories:

For personal funding for Biznestry (for Rev. Lori Lynn) GENERAL FUND

For Tithing, Offering etc. that is strictly for B.E.K.A. expenses including upkeep and travel for ministry events/meetings and there is a place for recurring giving for your convenience


BE Kingdom Alignment an Unincorporated Association 

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”

We reserve the right constitutionally of free speech, by exercising our  biblical mandate to teach truth from the Word of God Almighty.  And we believe as fore stated, that the government of the Kingdom of Heaven ruled by Yahweh is sovereign in every aspect, over all earthly governments and/or nations. 

Therefore, at the beginning of each year in operation, we try to provide letters to donors documenting the giving of donors for the previous year stating that the donations were given without services or something of material value in exchange. This is strictly a convenience to our donors as it cannot be required of a tax-immune organization by the government.  Donors can present other forms of proof on their taxes that they gave to this ministry, a religious organization, such as cancelled checks and they would suffice to prove a tax-deduction.

 Unincorporated Association


Beyond Edges operated as an unincorporated association 2008-2020

The IRS recognizes that there is a separation between church and state in the Constitution and that government cannot legally tax or regulate the church. The United States government also has some prohibition in defining what a church is legally. The courts have upheld this prohibition repeatedly.

Therefore, even the unorganized church group cannot be taxed as no legal law can be written to tax a religious organization or the donations received by a religious organization. Some have called this prohibition the Constitutional Tax-Immunity of the Church. You need not be organized to have tax-Immunity. You simply must be truly a religious organization that could be called a church (defined in the Word as Ekklesia=called out, Jewish synagogue on earth or Saints in heaven or both Christian community of believers, assembly).

If you meet regularly for worship, prayer, and/or Bible study or you preach the gospel of Christ and teach out of the Bible, you will be considered legitimate. If you support genuine Christian ministers, home and foreign missions work, and help the poor, the IRS will consider you a legitimate tax-immune organization without further approval from anyone.

The bottom line for many Christian groups is simply having assurance that you do not have to form a 501c3. You are completely tax immune if you are a genuine Christian religious organization or church.

Please feel free to use our link for giving to ministry needs below. We ask that you do not use text to give as they charge us an extra fee for that. This company also gives an option to cover processing fees if you choose to do so to help the ministry in lieu of a set percentage deduction for each transaction  (most companies do that). Thank you and God bless!