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Dear Precious Saints,

I pray this is a word to encourage you and get you fired up where there has been lukewarmness and for those actually “sitting on the fence” may you quickly make a decision to STAND for THE LIGHT! Amen!

I keep seeing the state of Kentucky  “hanging in a balance” so to speak.

I heard this “KENTUCKY! Come up OFF the fence of “indecision”!” I hear this now “come OUT of the valley of indecision”!  

You have been considered a “neutral” state which began in the Civil War, however… in NOT making a decision, you MADE a decision! You have still REMAINED in “neutrality” and that is no longer going to be acceptable in the coming days because circumstances will FORCE you to make a decision!

It is NO longer about Democrat verses Republican…neither Protestant verses Catholic…and certainly NOT Denominations/NonDenominations doctrines verses Charismatic doctrines…

It all aboutTHE LIGHT …verses the Darkness!

NO ONE IN KENTUCKY is going to be able to forgo having to make a clear decision, and “riding the fence” of indecision… will BE their decision! Make no mistake…it is NOT about going to a wonderful “event”, saying or writing clever words, but it will be

LIVING what you BELIEVE and BELIEVING what GOD SAID!  Demonstrating HEAVEN culture HERE on earth!

ALL the “talk” in the world does not “make change happen”! 

SAYING and BEING are different…meetings do not create relationships that are of substance. Saying we are doing this and that doesn’t mean we really are seeing change! And not to intentionally offend anyone, but to bring this to a very valid point…it really doesn’t matter HOW big the “name” of the person is that says this or that prophetically….as many, do NOT even understand WHAT “prophetic” means, and because of that, they have NO clue how to actually receive a prophetic word and live it out!

So all the “words” in the world won’t make it change until the people decide to CHANGE! The choice is up to the individual but make no mistake…there WILL be a genuine     

Rising of the Sons and Daughters of the KING of GLORY!”

And those ones… many have never even heard their names!!!  This company of valiant shiny ones won’t care “who” you are, and from “whom” you did this or that, because to them it won’t make any difference. They will know who is genuine and who is not! 

They are NOT suspicious, antagonistic, territorial, critical, judgmental, jealous, arrogant, or selfish.

They ARE full of God’s love with pure HOLY hearts that brings the very presence of the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit!  They are sincere and NOT fearful!!

They are who they are because they have spent time and spend time with THE ONE! They are known by Jesus and are more than acquainted with Holy Spirit and things of Heaven!  They walk releasing the Kingdom of Heaven in their daily lives wherever they go!

They are righteously bold as THE Lion!!

They ONLY care about the HEART of GOD our HEAVENLY FATHER and HIS will being done ON earth like it IS in Heaven!

REMEMBER SAINTS…You cannot “say” you are a burning one if you are not “being” a burning one!

These valiant shiny ones ….they ARE burning ones!


This season is going to require everyone to decide as to whether or not they are going to get off the fence…and make a stand, question is will it be for THE LIGHT or tolerance of darkness??

SO Kentucky, where do YOU stand?! 

May Kentucky STAND firm for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth just as our Holy Heavenly Father wills it to be demonstrated!!  AMEN!

Bless you dear ones!