Understanding Kingdom Authority: Winds of Change ARE Blowing…

Winds of Change Are Blowing...

Understanding Kingdom Authority!

How to Operate in Authority of Jesus Name

Part II of Winds of Change Blowing

To operate in the authority of Jesus name we have to know what it was to start with and how it has been redeemed, why?

You would never build a house without a foundation would you?

It would fall with the first big storm if it didn’t have a solid foundation.

THIS is the reason so many people have walked away from the “church” really….Jesus. There wasn’t a solid foundation.

Many in the traditional church, believe and mind you this is not all wrong nor bad but….not complete either.

Many believe that simply coming to church to hear a preacher, reading your bible daily and saying a prayer is what grows you. They often throw in a “daily bible plan” or “special study” again, this is not bad nor wrong….it is just not complete.

Hebrew study always has a reading plan to “learn” the teachings. Learning is more than simply “reading through”, they would “meditate” as well and discuss.

Let’s look just a moment at that before progressing on…

What IS a solid foundation?

Back to where most would say reading your bible and saying prayer…IS the “solid foundation” for basic Christianity or “Christianity 101” so to speak.

But allow me to pose a question in that case, IF simply doing those things in and of themselves were the “main” formula, then why are we not seeing more power in the body of Christ~ instead of mixture and confusion, even arguments over religion?

The entire connection with Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven is based upon “foundation of relationship” and while many in the body believe that a relationship with Jesus means is just reading the word every day and saying a prayer…and it IS a wonderful exercise, it CAN become just that… “Religious exercise” therefore, lacking “real, genuine encounter of RELATIONSHIP”!

Some might argue this point but if that were not the case then why do so many go into a church and come out the same? Why do so many go into their “quiet time” but see no real change with revelation, fresh revelation that is applicable and they may try to practice the application but with defeat not far around the corner….application is only the open door for genuine transformation!

Transformation is what is needed. EVERYTHING about the Kingdom of Heaven is relational as is “knowing JESUS”. He IS the Entry point for all this…the Father put it in perspective in the Old Testament in Hosea:

“For I desire loving-kindness not sacrifice and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings” Hosea 6:6

Mark 12:33 & Hebrews 10:5-6 (read on further in Hebrews 10 and esp. verse 16) JESUS (the Word) IS written upon our hearts (mind, will and emotion)…how? Holy Spirit! Therefore we would do well to “KNOW” Holy Spirit more.

Side note: the Word (See John 1) is what Hebrews 10:5-6 is referring too…the person of Jesus Christ and HIS Spirit resides inside of every believer in Him. That literally means that the Scroll or Word IS IN us, literally and when Holy Spirit breathes upon it (it is HE Who activates this IN us see John 14 ) then the WORD comes to life enabling us to “know Jesus” as the Person and to “know” the Father because Jesus perfectly represented Him (see John 17).

This whole thing is all talking about loving our Father with all our being THEN…we love others as we love ourselves! Jesus said that all the Teachings and Prophets hang on these two verses!! In the 10 Commandments in the Old Testament it was the first portion of the commandments.

These are the first and second commandments! Interesting…He knew we had to be commanded to love Him and others…isn’t it that way with children? We tell them they should love their sister and brothers even when they may not treat them right? Yet, when the child dose wrong we (supposedly) demonstrate we love them no matter what… still, as a parent we cannot tolerate disobedience in our homes because it would literally create an atmosphere of chaos and rebellion? So, there has to be discipline in love so that the children will learn they are loved, safe and can grow up in that atmosphere. Which will affect how they treat others as well as their children when they become parents. Because they (hopefully) gleaned the understanding of what it means to “love” they are more endeared to their parent for loving them enough to train them in it.

Hmmm…not different with our Heavenly Father is it? No. Learning HIS love this way creates a place to live from then, we just love because we just do! Out of THAT place is where we live! And that only comes from relationship, genuine relationship NOT religious activities.

We meet with Him because we LOVE Him and want Him in our lives every minute because OF the love we have for Him and we know that HE loves us unconditionally which endears Him all the more to us!

THAT is what that verse is saying!

Yahweh Elohim.

Verse 6 KEY verse

HE established them forever and ever….

Remember verse 3 says the sun moon stars then verse 7-9 the earth. Even though the earth is temporal…we are the NOW change agents BECAUSE Jesus came to shift everything back to the original plan of Yah!


Go to Gen. 1-2

Man and Woman. Gen 2:18 keneged the Hebrew word there means: equal to and adequate for and that means God mad Eve equal TO Adam an adequate for any task God assigned Adam.

JESUS brought full restoration and it had to begin in man and woman.

We have seen the redemptive purpose of mankind and demonstrated all throughout history. BUT while the mankind made from earth has been redeemed and the enemy put under out feet…there is and was a portion we have not seen demonstrated fully. The redemptive purpose of women.

The snake bit at her heel remember but she (her offspring ) will crush the head!

I believe that this is why; women historically, even now, are so persecuted. Look around the world; look in homes in America and in churches.

WHEN men and women get on the page they were originally this will be when we see unity in Holy Spirit more and more coming forth.

Look at the names:


Eve-life giver

The two together means restoration of earthen vessels back to authentic life in Jesus as well as restoration of the earth to which God gave to men!

See Ps 115: 16

Gen 8 :21 and 9 :9-17

It IS quite clear the “promise of God” is that HE will NOT destroy the earth and living things in a flood! (think on the so called natural disasters). GOD said “subdue the earth” then JESUS said “speak to the mountains” and they WILL move! When a storm comes will we calm it like Jesus did or dismiss it, even worse call it a “judgement of God” on the earth?

Beloved, understanding THIS is all about Kingdom authority IN Jesus name!

The beginning is to understand the BEGINNING purpose and JESUS purpose to bring all things back to full restoration which includes US working together and following Holy Spirit’s lead.

We must understand the beginning mandate in order to understand our current mandate.

JESUS was the “turning point” and we have to connect relationally through encounter, experience and in knowledge so we can truly KNOW Him!

Winds of Change ARE blowing….and there will be violent winds not of God but what will we do when they come?

Cower? Or stand boldly against them?

IF we understand out genuine identity we WILL understand the authority of Jesus and His name IN us working THROUGH us!

I hope you take time to read the passages for yourself and allow Holy Spirit the true Teacher to reveal the “inside scoop”.

Until we meet next time (May 22nd….hopefully in a “real time” webinar with live chat) blessings to you!

Rev. Lori Lynn



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