Abounding Praise!

BEKA earth and universe with doveABOUNDING PRAISE!

Praise the Lord you sun, moon and stars-

Sing priases to Him and blow the shofars!

Praise Him dogs, cats, deer and lambs-

Give thanks to Him all who dwell in the land.

Lift up your voice and give a great shout-

raise your hands and with joy dance about.

In His love and mercy, His rains fall from the sky…

He protects us with His armies and guides with His eye.

His blesssings on us are far too many to number-

He is ever watching over us, as He never sleeps nor slumbers.

So take heart His children, we are never alone…

for in The Father, His Spirit and Son is our home!

We are surrounded by angels and witness cheering us on-

so do not give up, don’t give in but keep pressing on…

For it won’t be long until your light will shine bright…

clearing the darkness away and bringing THE Great Light!

For The Father’s Kingdom WILL come-

and His Will WILL be done!

On earth as it is in Heaven like Jesus said…

SO be of good courage, by HIS Spirit you WILL be led!

Inspired by Holy Spirit penned by Rev.Lori Lynn



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