ALL CONSUMING FIRE!all consuing fire

As I was in Luke 2 reading about John the Baptist I was led to Malachi 3 & 4. Then I heard the Spirit of the Lord say this to me: “Will they, the Christians continue to love their sin more than they love Me?”

I answered “only You know Lord. Please have mercy.”

He went on to say this: “yes it is time for them to rise and shine but to do so they MUST confess their sins and love of their sin and then repent turning their hearts to ME to wipe away their indignant attitude that has been set against Me by their willful and even unintentional acts of disobedience and rebellion- as they have ‘loved’ their sins more than Me without even recognizing what it is they are doing! They cannot know what True Love is until they truly know Me!


This burning and consuming fire is the Almighty extravagant love that tolerates NO sin whatsoever! And those whose hearts are turning, crying out and calling out in confession and repentance are made pure and holy by MY PURE LOVE! And those who continue to embrace their sin of disobedience and rebellion will feel as ‘heaps of coals upon their heads’.”

Malachi talks about the fact that the Lord sends that spirit of Elijah as was found in John the Baptist to help turn the hearts… of the “fathers”. While studying this I had the revelation that this is not only in a “family setting of fathers AND mothers” but this is also pertaining to those who are SPIRITUAL fathers AND mothers….in other words LEADER OF THE BODY OF CHRIST!!!

There has NOT been that spirit of John and Elijah to help reveal what truly IS wrong or right in the eyes of God Almighty and because of this, there has been a deception that has covered the eyes of the body of Christ and the Father is saying NOW NOW NOW is the time!

As we enter into this new era there will be the “John the Baptists” coming forward and not just men only but women as well…in fact a great company of women who will go forth in the power of Elijah and John and many will turn and burn WITH the fire of GOD ALMIGHTY instead of “being burned” by HIS consuming fire!

THIS IS A WARNING and it IS a BLESSING of GOD as HE IS NOT wanting to bring destruction upon our nation, a nation HE LOVES DEARLY!!! HE intends to have HIS will and HIS way be done on earth like it is in Heaven and make NO MISTAKE beloved ….HE WILL!!! The question is, who will heed the warning and come under His blessing or who will ignore or even “thumb their nose” at His warning and then become stubble?

Without root… is what the scripture says. THESE are the very ones who will be in great fear and running about like scared lost sheep without THE Shepherd because they chose to ignore HIM! BUT….I believe because OF His great love for ALL mankind…even they will be given a chance to repent! IT IS after all not His will for ANY to perish!!! THE Kingdom of Heaven IS going to be demonstrated like we have NEVER seen before in this coming season but make no mistake beloved….HIS FIRE IS COMING and it WILL be glorious to those who are willing to submit and humble themselves to Him, in fact JOY, PEACE and LOVE will abound upon them with HIS great favor! THOSE who didn’t listen will either long for what the ones carrying His joy, peace and love have OR they will be indignant, arrogant, prideful, fearful full of self-pity and “entitlement” lonely, and empty!

THIS is where we are and how we can see many hearts changed….I pray for those who are NOT willing to turn that they will see what is happening quickly and REPENT for the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS …..AT HAND!!!!

“28 Let us therefore, receiving a kingdom that is firm and stable and cannot be shaken, offer to God pleasing service and acceptable worship, with modesty and pious care and godly fear and awe; 29 For our God [is indeed] a consuming fire.” Hebrews 12:28-29


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