Authentic or Counterfeit Encounters


Authentic or Counterfeit Encounters~ what does it mean?

Many have had encounters with Jesus and witnessed Heaven as well. Each account is personal and beautiful and deeply life changing for those who have had those experiences.

How do you know they are real?

One of the biggest things is there isn’t competition. Love in Heaven is (if you will) the commodity…. how it operates. Therefore, to “be” on earth as it IS in Heaven, that would also be manifested.

Those who have had authentic encounters with Jesus and Heaven celebrate discovering others who have had similar experiences because it causes the heart to grow closer together and together IN and WITH Him.

They have an understanding that each brings a piece of the incredible mosaic that is given when individuals are allowed to have those encounters and experiences. Again…. they “celebrate” that together and for one another as well!

On the other hand, when its not from God, its not celebrated but often competition and the “demand” to make people believe is there which is control and manipulation. Was their encounter real?

My answer might surprise you… yes. BUT…. there is a counterfeit out there and his name is satan. He has mock heaven and places he built in the second heaven realm that those who are taken there believe it to be the authentic one. Remember he is THE deceiver! And because of that deception he was kicked out of heaven as he tried to make himself to be above the One who created him! He had deceived angels in Heaven even after they SAW and experienced it and Yahweh, Jesus and Holy Spirit…. so don’t be cavalier in thinking “oh that won’t happen to me”. Are you sure about that? There is a thing called “self-deception” the enemy loves to use that on humans! No fear, just be clean hearted!

Listen to something that happened to me years ago that took years to understand what happened but I knew something was “off”, not quite right. But, I beat myself up over it for a long time thinking I had messed up.

Here is what happened:

I was getting ready for bed and was kneeling beside my bed praying when all of a sudden I felt a hand grab me and pull me upward. I was traveling at a type of “warp speed” and was scared. I remember thinking if this it God I should see Jesus or an angel…. I turned and saw what I thought was an angel with dark hair ascending holding me and I yelled “JESUS!” And instantly I landed IN my bed! No joke. I sat there a moment not knowing what had just happened but knowing it was very real.

I thought perhaps I messed up not just “going with the angel” and doubting God. However, I discovered years later through a prophet who explained it and I took note because it bore witness in my spirit when I heard it.

What happened is that a “angel” (like an angle of light and was actually a demon pretending to be an angel sent to deceive me) was taking me to the second heaven realm to obviously show me a “mock heaven” how do I know? WHEN I yelled “JESUS”…. instead of doing what all God’s angels do and saying “fear not”… it dropped me and I landed in my bed bewildered at what had happened. But why did it drop me?

I didn’t belong to the enemy!! It HAD to let me go!

What I learned from that prophet was the enemy uses that to deceive people about “heaven”! And even hell!!

Oh yes!

When you hear of someone “going to heaven” or “hell” for instance and saying they saw children in “hell” that was not truth…children don’t go to hell -but it was in fact meant to deceive them and others in to believing such things! Was their experience real? Yes…. but like what I experienced it was the enemy trying to deceive. Why? Hopelessness, false expectations, wrong reports to others, discouragement, gloom and doom, bring strife and division among the brethren and the list goes on and it’s all lies and deceptions meant to steal, kill and destroy!

Don’t you get it?

The supernatural realm is very real, whether or not you “believe” it to be so or not, it exists and is very real!! Just like TRUTH is real and whether or not you choose to believe it does not change what it is….. TRUTH! Do you know that one of the definitive words in Hebrew for the English word used as “Truth” means “reality”? Yes, “reality”. Doesn’t that speak to you? Meaning the unseen realm is reality and what we live in is real but not eternal, not here in this realm or dimension. Seem out there? Yes, it is but “out there” is way bigger than only “right here”. Even the earth is a speak in comparison to the reality of space and the dimensions of it.

Think on that!!

More and more people ARE visiting Heaven and encountering JESUS… as well as Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit because THEY love us… it should not surprise us to hear these things.

Don’t you like to be near those you love and hold dear? The Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit love mankind, always has and always will. WE … are created in THEIR image/likeness!

Why is it people can believe in ghosts or paranormal but cannot believe that things in the supernatural realm of Heaven and God can take place or are real?? Ponder that!

For hundreds of years people have believed the other junk and yes its real but it is deceptive and evil. Listen…. for hundreds of years the FATHER has shown Heaven, Jesus and Holy Spirit to folks who seek Them with all their hearts why? It is written…. JESUS Himself said if we love HIM we will obey Him and HE will manifest (reveal) Himself to us. Obey…. that is a word that causes issue with so many because it can create images of dictatorship type “obey” when that could not be farther from the TRUTH!

Let’s look at it this way…. when you LOVE someone, don’t you want to please them or BE pleasing to them? Not to be loved or manipulate them to love you but just because you LOVE them! Right? Yes!

First commandment? LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD how? Now you are getting it!

He has never wanted to be aloof to mankind but rather in relationship with us. THAT has always been since Genesis! And guess what? We ARE going back in a sense to the beginning to “get it right” this time! JESUS made that way!

Now, to recap …. there are authentic encounters with Jesus and Heaven…and they bring joy, hope, love, peace etc. And there are also real ones that are actually “counterfeit” meant to bring doom, gloom, fear, doubt, unbelief, pride, anxiety, strife, control and manipulation etc.

SO….don’t be quick to dismiss what you don’t understand or have an understanding of yet…. always look to scripture and Holy Spirit to help guide you and lead you into all TRUTH! TRUTH… will set you free from doubt, worry, religious doctrines that are man-made and/or demonically influenced, control and manipulation, condemnation etc. You get the picture!

Many blessings, much love and shalom Ya’ll!

Rev. Lori Lynn

“A thief has only one thing in mind—he wants to steal, slaughter, and destroy. But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect—life in its fullness until you overflow!” John 10:10 TPT