Beneath the Surface

I had a dream last night, in the dream I was walking with a prophet who is fairly known for dream interpretation and while we were walking I noticed furniture that was old, like antique and there were cobwebs on it and it was my mother’s furniture pieces. I think they were going to get rid of it, but I knew it had value and wiped the cobwebs off and kept them from selling or getting rid of it. While I kept walking I remember being very tired, weary but that prophet began walking with me and we talked. Then I was at the seashore where we were and I was standing alone looking out over the waters and noticed an unusual fin coming into the shoreline, knowing it was or must be a shark I watched thinking “it doesn’t belong here”. Then somehow a female lion was at the shore and this shark thing looked more like a barracuda, grabbed the lion who had gotten in the water as I recall thinking “don’t get in that murky water, you cannot see what’s beneath the surface” and sure enough, the shark thing grabbed the young female lion and pulled it down, much like an alligator does to kill its prey. I thought “someone needs to help this lion”! No one was there. THEN a man who had small children came up and dove in, as another fin came swimming and I thought “oh no, he’s going to die!” That man wrestled this thing and he ended up revealing it was mechanical and being operated by some other source.

Antique= past, inherited from forefathers.

Mother= spiritual or natural mother; church; also can represent Holy Spirit. I believe “church” is what this was about.

Webs=false doctrines

Shark= (unclean spirit) devourer that is cunning.

** NOT in the dream** but what came to me in the methodology of the shark/mechanical sharks attack -like an “Alligator”= evil, out of the past, inheritance like generational curse, danger, destruction, ancient evil.

Female Lion= young, or immature female Christians rising up with a voice; dominion, power.

Seashore= mankind.

Murky water=man’s doctrines and ways.

That all said… here is what came to me concerning this dream:

Inherited “false doctrines” trying to cover the eyes of the church keeping them from “seeing” and “believing” truth that is coming from new revelation. Brushing off the “cobwebs” is removing this false doctrinal belief system. The fact I was weary was that I have been doing this for a while as I was “walking” but weary. THEN a “dream prophet” came along and I was reguvenated somewhat and then was at the seashore (mankind) observing man’s doctrines and ways… when I saw the “unusual shark fin, they were double and ragged edged” I knew something was wrong and this was NOT supposed to be in this area of water. This predator was trying to take out the ones crying out with prophesy and declartions and decrees from God to stop the evil! This young female lion can represent young in age as well as immature or new at prophesying, decreeing etc. They were going into places where the man’s doctrines have clouded the real danger beneath the surface (evil spirit) and the young lioness is taken down by this shark thing.

The man diving in who had children (thought I never actually saw His face, I know it meant the Spirit of God or Jesus) because HE revealed what was actually beneath the surface of all the doctrines of men. It was a mechanical shark.

I heard the Lord say this about this: “systematically taking out people” to keep them from doing damage to the dark kingdom or rebuking the demonic forces from their evil plans & schemes! How? Pulling them in!

When the Lioness went in, she didn’t come back out. She was “taken in” by this mechanical shark being operated by some other source… satan!

Many are falling into the trap of the enemy as they are hating, arguing, back biting being unkind to each other, lacking love towards one another. Growing weary in “well doing” and becoming complacent and in that, they stop praising GOD and thanking HIM and then forgetting ALL He has done for them and the promises HE made TO them! They then fall into despair, defeatedness, discouragement and depression, exhaustion, confusion, complacency (lukewarm), complaining, murmuring, anger, sicknesses, feeling of “overwhelmed” and oppressed and the list goes on.  

What is the answer? This is what the LORD said to me this morning about all this:

“When there is no clear prophetic vision,[a]people quickly wander stray.[b] But when you follow the revelation of the word, heaven’s bliss fills your soul”. Proverbs 29:18 TPT

The Hebrew word used here can refer to “vision of the night,” “dream,” “oracle,” or “revelation.” The Septuagint reads “where there is no prophetic seer [or interpreter] and The people become lawless.

The prophet who was the dream interpreter was helping me to see the “cobwebs” on the antique furniture as we walked along. I brushed them off because the furniture wasn’t bad, it was what had become of it, how it had been interpreted and tossed aside. See, the word of GOD is precept upon precept it builds. Constant revelation keeps the word in the forefront to us and when Holy Spirit breaths upon it, it comes to life. There is a building and revelation with understanding that comes with all of it but it is always new and fresh!

Things have become eschewed and many have interpreted the word the way THEY want not really “getting it”. Silly arguments and terrible dissension and division come from such things when “man’s doctrines” supersede GOD’S Truth!

When that happens, then the enemy has done what he purposed to do! Used people against each other, especially “Christians”!

The murky waters of man’s doctrines have an underlying source behind it, satan and doctrines of demons have been pulling in the ones who are not yet “founded & grounded” IN Truth! They have pollution still in their belief system and need to have it removed by the transformation of the revelation of TRUTH found in the Word and breathed upon by the fire and life of Holy Spirit!!

This is what I sense is happening today beloved and we must recognize this and repent, if we have become complacent, or any of the other things aforementioned that are NOT of God nor His plan! If it isn’t in Heaven in the culture of God’s Kingdom… then its illegal. Like sickness is forbidden/illegal IN Heaven and as the Father wills it to be on earth AS it is in Heaven, then as His children born again, it is illegal/forbidden IN or ON us too! UNLESS… we open the door to it! The enemy cannot take you over unless you step into his trap like the young lioness did OR you open the door to him through sin (action and/or unbelief) and unforgiveness which IS sin!

Stop today and take time to seek God through Holy Spirit in Jesus mighty name and simply ASK Him to reveal every area in your life that may be an open door whether you know it or not… then ask forgiveness and if you need to forgive someone, do so quickly as well, then as an act of your will… choose to repent and lose off your soul anything related to that sin you repented of.

ASK the Lord to download His joy, grace, love, peace and good things, His plans for your life and bind those TO your soul in Jesus name, then rejoice and thank Him for it!

I pray that each of you will grab hold of this as it is important for us to move forward in the days ahead.

I share more of this through classes & events for equipping so people are not caught off guard and can know their purpose in life.

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