BREAKTHROUGH or Rake Through?

Breakthrough or Rake Through…what do you hear?

Artist: Delores Develde

Correction for direction & instruction is just as important as having a “prophetic word” spoken to encourage!

Why do people SO often just ignore anything that mentions “sin” or any form of direction with correction? They just don’t want to hear it!

While this is not written by any means to discourage anyone, I truly hope it will bring a revelational answer to “why” sometimes it seems so difficult to move forward. And mind you… not all “sin” issues are something you have done, but even so, why wouldn’t you want to “go there” to have a clean unhindered heart?

So, I asked the Lord about this today and that is what came to me…. I was reminded of the “itching ears” to hear good and pleasant things but not wanting to here things that may bring them out of the very things that snag them over and over as they keep running for prophecy yet never seeing the things that have held them back change! Many are looking for a “breakthrough” word yet GOD has given it over and over but often because it didn’t “suit” their liking of the word, they rejected it and thereby missed the great opportunity to be not only free from what seems to be a hindrance but from moving forward and ahead!

Thing is beloved ones, when you don’t want to hear truth about what may be involving some sin issue, then you are rejecting truth…

They will close their ears to the truth and believe nothing but fables and myths.” II Timothy 4:4 TPT

It is just as important to hear correction for direction as it is for prophetic to give hope and future plans of God to us. Prophesy is basically words tht prophetic people speak to others that are out of your book! The books talked about in Psalms 139:16 TPT

Just like the scriptures that teach us: “don’t despise the day of small beginnings” (see Job 8:7) so it goes with rejecting a hard word that may BE the very answer to YOUR prayers for breakthrough in order for the prophecy over your life to come forth!

Ask the Lord today what you have missed by way of His correction whether through another, an article that hit too close to home for you, or by just ignoring it. If He reveals to you something, be quick to repent for not having first listened and obeying and then “do” the right thing that He is showing you to do.  Forgive anyone that is brought to you as you confess and repent for yourself remember, Jesus taught us to pray where when we ask for forgiveness to also forgive others who have wronged us as well. This releases them and most of all us when we choose as an act of our will to forgive. Feeling what you have felt about someone who has seriously wronged you is not the issue nor bad but harboring it inside is and will cause a major open door to the enemy not to mention can often even bring on sicknesses TO your physical body! So get that right. Then you are able to thank HIM for the prophetic promises and plans HE has for yoru life and asking Him to bring them forth. And if needed, send your Hosts to pull down the strongholds and destroy the platforms the enemy has ruled over your life in that area but be sure to take power over the power of the enemy in it, AFTER you have confessed and repented and even presented the BLOOD of Jesus which speaks for you! Then you can send the Hosts in an effective way. 

That is a nugget I pray you will not just “read through” or as this message aptly states… “rake through” if you truly wan to SEE and EXPERIENCE true “breakthrough”!

Love and blessings to you all!

Rev. Lori Lynn

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