Earnest Plea

Oh Heavenly Father… oh that some of the “missionaries” and business men and women who are real apostles and that they would become congressmen and women stepping into legislative positions to help make laws that are in line with YOUR plan listening to the One Who can lead their areas and our nation into Your Kingdom purposes like our current President is doing. We truly need more real prophets who are sold out to You and have a “law degree” to be lawyers and sitting judges to make rulings that honor You and uphold YOUR laws and government and actually “hear YOUR voice. Oh most gracious Heavenly Father, it is true we need these ones to recognize the call upon their lives to use their skills and talents and be used to bring the right change into this country and world! Not only them, but those who walk in the real office of “teacher” to BE professors at colleges and universities as well as high schools, middle schools, elementary and kindergartens! We need real evangelists who walk in power where healings always happen and people come to Jesus and can find an authentic place of discipleship and community with fellowship! We must have pastors to keep watch over these communities and neighborhood walking the streets where they live, praying, interceding on their behalf and being a “helping hand” to make sure their sheep are tended and cared for and always willing to help others in other areas as well with NO territorial spirits allowed! We have a five fold of Your ministry all over and many in “wrong places” others who may not recognize the “grace has lifted” for their current assignments and need to step into these assignments and yet others who are just clueless and frustrated where they are in their situations. Oh Great God Jehovah OPEN their eyes ….open OUR eyes, help us to see and recognize what YOU want to do on this earth and that because it IS only temporary and we are only ambassadors here…. we NEED to be “about Your business” while here! After all, our true citizenship IS the Kingdom of Heaven and since You want it to look like that on earth, wouldn’t we be much more in alignment with YOU should we begin to “step into” these places? And what about the ones who are to rise up and really equip without a religious or personal agenda to train and release others? So many have been beaten down, rejected, or discarded or even unduly discredited! OH raise them up mighty God into their places where YOUR Son Jesus may be seen here on earth!

Your word tells us to “lift up our heads as WE are the gateways through Whom JESUS will come”! Help those who are anxiously awaiting the “end” to see Your plan RIGHT NOW; and that they not be like the Pharisees who were blind to what was happening right before their eyes when YOU appeared to them in a way, they had not perceived or “expected” for it is written:

“7 So wake up, you living gateways!

Lift up your heads, you ageless doors of destiny!

Welcome the King of Glory,

for he is about to come through you.

8 You ask, “Who is this Glory-King?”

The Lord, armed and ready for battle,

the Mighty One, invincible in every way!

9 So wake up, you living gateways, and rejoice![d]

Fling wide, you ageless doors of destiny!

Here he comes; the King of Glory is ready to come in.

10 You ask, “Who is this King of Glory?”

He is the Lord of Victory, armed and ready for battle,

the Mighty One, the invincible commander of heaven’s hosts!

Yes, he is the King of Glory!

Pause in his presence”

Your Word tells us this oh Mighty God and may it be so that we will seek Your face to have “clean hands and pure hearts” as You raise us up into these places on earth… (Psalms 24:3-6 TPT)

“3 Who, then, ascends into the presence of the Lord?

And who has the privilege of entering into God’s Holy Place?

4 Those who are clean—whose works and ways are pure,

whose hearts are true and sealed by the truth,

those who never deceive, whose words are sure.

5 They will receive the Lord’s blessing

and righteousness given by the Savior-God.

6 They will stand before God,

for they seek the pleasure of God’s face,[c] the God of Jacob.

Pause in his presence”

 THIS oh mighty God is what we desire….for us individually so we can be that “corporately”! YOUR Body …. as One in You and You in us as Jesus prayed… (John 17:20-26)

Jesus Prays for You

20 “And I ask not only for these disciples,

but also for all those who will one day

believe in me through their message.

21 I pray for them all to be joined together as one

even as you and I, Father, are joined together as one.

I pray for them to become one with us

so that the world will recognize that you sent me.

22 For the very glory you have given to me I have given them

so that they will be joined together as one

and experience the same unity that we enjoy.[s]

23 You live fully in me and now I live fully in them

so that they will experience perfect unity,[t]

and the world will be convinced that you have sent me,

for they will see that you love each one of them

with the same passionate love that you have for me.

24 “Father, I ask that you allow everyone that you have given to me to be with me where I am![u]

Then they will see my full glory—

the very splendor you have placed upon me

because you have loved me even before the beginning of time.

25 “You are my righteous Father,[v]

but the unbelieving world has never known you

in the perfect way that I know you!

And all those who believe in me[w]

also know that you have sent me!

26 I have revealed to them who you are[x]

and I will continue to make you even more real to them,

so that they may experience the same endless love

that you have for me, for your love will now live in them, even as I live in them!”

OH that You would be glorified and magnified to this world  through us just as your Words say, just as Jesus prayed that “they may KNOW Him and WHO You are!”

May it be so, Heavenly Father… and we pray as Jesus taught us too…

“9 Pray like this:

‘Our Father, dwelling in the heavenly realms,

may the glory of your name be the center on which our lives turn. 10 Manifest Your kingdom realm, and cause Your every purpose to be fulfilled on earth,

just as it is fulfilled in heaven. 11 We acknowledge You as our Provider of all we need each day. 12 Forgive us the wrongs we have done as we ourselves release forgiveness to those who have wronged us. 13 Rescue us every time we face tribulation and set us free from evil. For You are the King who rules with power and glory forever….”

And all these things we pray in the mighty name of King Jesus…AMEN! 

Shalom, love and Blessings to all!

Rev. Lori Lynn

©2019 All Rights Reserved

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