sukkot 2016 w verseThe FEASTS of the LORD…Sukkot is the “Feasts of Tabernacles

It is believed by some Jewish scholars that Jesus may have been born during this season thus fulfilling the “Word made flesh” even though in His coming HE DID fulfill that as John witnessed and wrote about it, in the book of John in chapter 1.

 The important thing is that HE DID become “flesh” and that as God made human HE tabernacled in the flesh that our spirits & souls are housed in. Like us, in order to save us completely.

When He died He fulfilled the prophecy and exemplified the “Day of Atonement” so that we could boldly come before the throne of Heavenly Father after WE have repented of our sins and received JESUS INTO our heart/mind, will and emotions. JESUS sent Holy Spirit in HIS place to dwell IN US so we could do what He did.

This is where Feasts of Tabernacles takes on a whole new meaning.

He the ALMIGHTY GOD dwells not in a structural building on this earth but in the hearts of men, women and children who invite Him in to abide in them.

When we have repented of sin that separates us from HIM, this is the time we should be, OUGHT TO BE rejoicing with our whole hearts because HE GAVE HIS SON so we could LIVE FOREVER WITH HIM!

In the season of Sukkot, I am going to share more Lord willing each day as He reveals more to me.

CELEBRATE with friends and family this week and share a meal and the Word together. Take time to share testimonies of how God is and has been moving in your life and pray for one another!

This beloved IS the season to rejoice and to give…give THANKS TO GOD FIRST for His forgiveness, goodness and blessings…and to give of your tithes/offerings!

If you have benefited from the many messages, lessons or ministry times with me personally then I am asking you to ask the LORD about sowing back into this ministry as your Sukkot offering to HIM!

I gave my life to HIM and give it for you…all the time beloved. Please consider that, because it is true. Just as those in other areas of your life have sown into your spiritual growth and have truly given of themselves, consider sowing to them as well!

YOUR blessings will abound!

Pastor Lori Lynn

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