FREE LOVE or is it?

Free love of the 1960’s has made its way into the body of Christ like a cancer spreading!

Oh, but it’s “love” how can that be a bad thing? No, actually it isn’t love, its lust!

The so called “free love” movement of the 60’s propagated loving everyone when in reality it was creating a vacuum of long term damage of captivity into lusts of the flesh throughout our nation! It reached across the waters to other nations as well… America has been a leading nation and we need to own up to the sins of forefathers (not even talking about founding fathers here) but those in the 1960’s that led this nation and others into this massive sin of “lust of the flesh” that has caused massive damage throughout the world!

What is lust of the flesh?

It is not just or only “sex” it is anything that gratifies the human urges that the enemy can tempt! This covers a vast field. Sex was the starter! Why?

There was an opportunity for the devil to use it to disassemble marriage, family and even eventually to try to redefine marriage and family which is the very things we are seeing as bad fruit from this mess!

Because the church bought into the whole idea of “free love” thinking it was grounds to spread GOD’S love… they got sucked into the lies too! God’s love does NOT consist of lust of the flesh, (“if it feels good” do it mentality)!

NOW, because of such compromises, within the body of Christ and quite rampant… we have high divorce rates, fatherless children, homosexuality and perversion! That is not even talking about outside where the lost are located and have no clue! This ought not be!

When there is a compromise of Truth, the enemy will use his twisted ideas to “twist” scripture to fit his agendas! Then Christians that buy into those “ideas” (doctrines of demons) are oh yes, transformed but not into God’s plan but the enemy’s captivities. The devil uses “religious” activities and thinking or mindset, to back up his evil plots, and then gets the people buying into it to believe it enough to share and teach others the same thing! Ah that cannot be, you may think… really? Where did this whole “greasy grace” come from?

Meaning? What is basically taught is that its ok to sin because you are forgiven? That is heresy! JESUS didn’t die so we could freely sin, but to be free FROM sin!!!

Where do you think that greasy grace teaching came from…yep, the devil and his hordes of hell!

This mindset of lust and greasy grace has created such a vacuum that when children come along, those raising them think that to discipline is cruel.. really? If our Heavenly Father disciplines us and it is because HE loves us, then why is it okay for humans to think differently? It isn’t!

When you do not discipline your child, they grow up entitled and helpless and think people owe them something that is just what the whole mess is doing right now all over the social media and tv news, it is why to those who are walking in a renewed mind by God, realize and recognize how ludicrous this “don’t discipline your child” is! It is not only ludicrous but dangerous!

When children don’t have a true since of right and wrong they will push the bar as adults to make- not just sin, but murder and violence “ok” if that is what they “feel like” they are to do! REALLY? Yes, if you don’t believe me, look at the news for an hour and listen to how far the left has gone beloved ones. The perversion has even gone so far out there into near insanity and it is actually going into insanity… that they are saying its is ok for pedophiles to feel like that? SERIOUSLY??? NO!! it is NOT ok! IT is sin and captivity that satan has so debased their minds because of the lust of the flesh they have become depraved in their behaviors and like an entitled child, think they should be able to do as they “feel” …. Sound familiar? Yes ,1960’s “free love” one of the sayings spoken often and obviously given “life” too…. “if it feels good do it”! Recognize that?

What do we do?

So glad you asked… first repent if you have ever been a part of that scene from that era and lose all the stuff from your soul that was NOT of God! If you were a child in that era you can still repent on your behalf and even on behalf of your parents, same goes with your children if you were parents that have children who are adults.

Second, break off the same things from your family by taking power over all the power of the enemy in Jesus name, and sending the Hosts of Heaven to pull down those strongholds and to destroy that platform where the enemy has ruled from over you and your family, command your Hosts to do that and to send those devils to dry arid places never to return! Then release peace (order, tranquility, and everything right, good and true of God), and the Spirit of Truth into your family and over you. Ask the Lord to come upon you and your family to lead all of you into all truth.

Third, practice tools that have been given to you of repentance, reconciliation, sending the Hosts, losing things off your soul and asking for God’s daily measure of grace for you each day when you awaken.

Jesus said when you have been given these tools and do not apply what you learn its it like building your house on sand. The first storm comes or waves of trial or temptation then BOOM, there goes your house (my paraphrase version with added emphasis) but, when you build your house on the Rock, (not just foundation OF Jesus but applying what you have been given by Him to you to use…) then when the storm comes… your house will stand!

Matthew 7:24-27 TPT “24 “Everyone who hears my teaching and applies it to his life can be compared to a wise man who built his house on an unshakable foundation. 25 When the rains fell and the flood[l]came, with fierce winds beating upon his house, it stood firm because of its strong foundation. 26 But everyone who hears my teaching and does not apply it to his life can be compared to a foolish man who built his house on sand. 27 When it rained and rained and the flood came, with wind and waves beating upon his house, it collapsed and was swept away.”[m]

What will you do beloved, give into this crazy stuff that is not of God going along with the status quo who is heading down a dark, treacherous path OR… will you choose this day whom it is you will listen to and serve? Will it be GOD or Satan… we each make moment by moment daily choices who we serve… if you choose your flesh, guess who has got you in his grip? Not God.

Choose life over death beloved, choose JESUS and the ways of Heavenly Father! Decide to be different and not to follow along blindly no matter how “good” it might sound… choose to go a different more exciting and rewarding path! God’s ways are always higher and you DO get a better view!

Truth is, the ONLY FREE LOVE there is, is the LOVE God our Heavenly Father has for us, and the gift of love of JESUS precious life given FOR us so we can be redeemed and reconciled back TO Heavenly Father! THAT is genuine free love, you cannot earn nor pay for because, the ONLY ONE who could…JESUS…  paid the HIGH price to get us back to our Father, HIS love is something that we cannot even imagine the worth and value of as it IS extravagant and it IS real!

Rev. Lori Lynn

©2018 All Rights Reserved

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