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What happens when your heart is out of sync with the “right frequency”?

With a guitar (as with any musical instrument) elements surrounding the guitar is influenced by heat, cold, humidity etc. and unless you “check the tuning” each day, it will get out of tune and when it’s played it will be out of sync with the right frequency of vibration of sound!  

In order to get a guitar to play “in tune” the tuner is used to “calibrate” the guitar to the right frequency that you turn the tuner to match the correct vibrations in order for it to be in correct sync.

When the heart is out of sync, there has to be a recalibration and the way we recalibrate out hearts is quite simple but a daily activity that is necessary if we want to be walking according to the ways of God and hearing clearly His voice that guides us.

The first thing has to do with the actual time we spend with Him. Morning tends to be the best way to kick start your day, so that it is fruitful. The next part of this is HOW are we “spending time” with Him?

HOW can we best use the time we have before our busy day begins that will get us in “right sync”?

#1. Awaken by thanking Him for taking you through the night. Thank Him for the new day, your life, your health, your home, your family etc. Praise Him that HE is sovereign and great! Thank HIM for His love, forgiveness, mercy and great grace that HE has given to you!

#2. ASK for His great grace to be downloaded into your soul and receive it, binding it to your soul! Ask HIM to lead, guide and direct your day.  Ask to be filled up with Holy Spirit and for Holy Spirit to anoint you for your day!

#3. When you do get up and get your coffee or whatever your morning drink happens to be (that is good for you), get your bible, pen and paper. (I like to turn on my worship music softly and just sit quietly to listen to Him, asking Him to share. I write down impressions, words, or whatever He shows or speaks to me. Ask Holy Spirit to give  you revelation with insight & understanding to what you hear and what you are about to read in the Word.

#4. Turn to the Word, if you are not sure where to begin, just pick a Psalms and/or Proverbs to begin. I like to work thought the gospels as well. When something just “jumps off the page” go with that lead. AND do not just “read through” but meditate on what you have read.

#5. NOW is a time before you stop to just ask Holy Spirit to plant in your heart what you have gleaned to grow deeper with revelation with understanding to KNOW Jesus more!

#6. Learn to command darkness out of your home and wherever you are going to be and release the anointing of Yahweh to go before you in Jesus mighty name!

NOW, here is the pinnacle of keeping IN SYNC...at the end of your day, practice this and you will be in sync as you sleep and when you awaken the day will be a joy for you, not to mention that you will most likely sleep much better when you practice this…BUT don’t even wait to end of day when these things happen, DO IT RIGHT THEN! To remain in right calibration!

Recalibration is a must in order for our hearts to be in the right sync. WHY is this? Corruption happens in our “heart sensors” throughout the day.

Choose as an act of your will to lose from your soul all darkness, negative words, word curses, and anything that is not of God.

Choose as an act of your will to ask forgiveness for every person, place or thing to which you gave away a portion of your soul that was NOT of God.

REPENT by lose from your soul these soul ties and then call back (so God can restore you according to Psalms 23:3) your soul (under the blood of Jesus) and then wait. Simply say: “I receive and bind back to my soul those portions of my soul Lord that I gave away that was not of You God….in JESUS mighty name (your name) soul come back now, under the blood of Jesus!” Then WAIT.  

Ask the LORD to download into your soul HIS good gifts to you: “Lord I ask, receive and bind to my soul Your good gifts, Your joy, Your life, Your Light, Your Word, Your Truth, Your revelation, YOUR Spirit…and anything else YOU want to download in Jesus mighty name! Amen” WAIT as He downloads to you.

Read Romans 12:1-2 and Proverbs 18:20-21 about our heart and BTW, heart is: mind, will and emotions. AND it always influences our words & actions.

Beloved, if you spend this time with JESUS every day, YOU WILL SEE CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE!!!

May you be blessed dear ones!



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