HOLY FIRE! Pentecost 5776

PENTECOST 5776Holy Fire

Recently heard a Rabbi that shared regarding forthcoming Pentecost (this Sunday it is celebrated but it won’t actually be until June13th when Shavuot/ Pentecost actually happens in the month of Sivan not in Iyar the month we are currently in), and how 1500 year prior to Act 2 what the ones gathered there were most likely thinking since it was Shavuot and they awaited the “promise” Jesus had spoken of…1500 years prior Heavenly Father came upon Mt. Sinai in FIRE and the people heard Him and saw Him there! This is why they celebrate the “giving of the Torah” meaning Shavuot!

1500 years later, HIS HOLY SPIRIT would come again in FIRE and SPEAKING only this time…HE would not only reside upon them but IN them! HE came in tongues of fire and a mighty rushing wind and they spoke in tongues they had not spoken before. 50 days after Passover, when Shavuot is celebrated is when HOLY SPIRIT came in fire! THIS is amazing beloved!!

Taking note of this amazing correlation, when Holy Spirit came… HIS presence inside of them caused them to not only speak in tongues, but act as though they were “drunk”. The ones hearing them and observing them thought they were drunk and it was then filled WITH Holy Spirit Peter got up with revelation and understanding given by GOD through Holy Spirit and shared the Truth of what was going on and the plan of God our Heavenly Fathers Salvation, Healing and Deliverance for eternal life and life abundant when a person confesses their sin and repents!

THEY then baptized 3000 THAT DAY!

They had all gathered in Israel to “count the Omer” because their ancestors were glad that the Torah was going to be given to give them instruction so they counted the days, 50 of them until it happened. The WORD being revealed to them and the Word brought conviction and instruction to their hearts. It brought deliverance and saved them!

WHEN Jesus resurrected His appearances were during the “counting of the omer” as His disciples were eagerly awaiting the promise of Holy Spirit!

The month of Sivan when Pentecost/Shavuot happens is in Hebrew means the month of “revelation”!

When Holy Spirit came, HE brought and BRINGS revelation we could not have without Him! Revelation of Heavenly Father, Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven. Our Heavenly Father’s ways and will! HE brings revival, awakening and habitation!

IN our day and time, just LOOK at what is happening all over the earth RIGHT NOW…people, children, teens, muslims all types of people….hundreds if not thousands are turning to JESUS CHRIST!

This revival is bringing in the lost AND setting free and healing Christians who have not fully received all that JESUS is but only as Savior, NOW healing and deliverances are happening at such a rapid rate it is like a “rushing wind”!

Awakening is coming fast as well…..leaders arising to equip the saints to DO the work of ministry in every walk of life! NOT just a “church building” or denomination! BUT all types of places!

Habitation ….was the point of Pentecost beloved and that means there must be a reviving of a soul from death to life, an awakening to “who they are in Christ” not just what they hear about but truly receive and believe that is said about them, us …WE! AND then Habitation of Father, Jesus and  Holy Spirit to the likes of which was seen in the FIRST church beloved!

I believe the FIRST church will be like the LAST church…. “the first shall be last and the last shall be first”!!! LIKE the ACTS church beloved ones!!

THEN, there will be a “oneness of faith” BY Holy Spirit and they WILL know us by our love!!! Hallelujah!!!

Please take time to read Exodus 19:16-18 and chapter 24. And read Acts chapters 1-2 during this time and see HIS revelation to give understanding!

We had Resurrection Sunday celebrated twice if you celebrated according to the “Gentile” calendar and then the Hebrew calendar…this means we have an opportunity to celebrate PENTECOST twice. I cannot help but wonder…has this JUBILEE year brought a “double portion” blessing of Yahweh Elohim regarding Passover, Resurrection, Shavuot and PENTECOST?! I sense it is more than “possible” as HE always blesses abundantly when HE gives blessings to HIS children!

I pray you take time to read the verses and get with Holy Spirit as HE reveals amazing great and mighty things of the Father, His Kingdom/Heaven and much more in this awesome season!!

Blessings, love, joy and shalom to each of you on the Pentecost weekend and get ready, it is going to be AWESOME!

Rev. Lori


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