Love IS the Battlefield!

two or more gathered in his name

Love IS the battlefield

It’s when your home, church, workplace and/or school become the battlefield, because that is where the ones you care most about, live.

Overcoming exhaustion, physically, mentally and spiritually, what must you do to keep from burning out?

If you have ever felt like you “carry” the brunt of the warfare around your home and no one seems to be helping to ward off the enemy but instead seems to be in alliance with him….

If you have felt like you are ready to collapse from all the surrounding warfare in your home or spheres of influence be it work, church or school…

If you have ever felt as though the ones you love have become enemies or obstacles and you can’t go on living that way in your home or sphere of influence…

When you have to “engage” in battle and there seems to be so many fires, how do you pick the right one to spend energy on….

If you have EVER been in ANY of these scenarios or are currently IN this type scenario then this message is for YOU!

The first place to start is always….YOU!

Why? Let’s look at this because it will help you to become empowered to BE the overcomer you need to be in “close quarters combat” otherwise known as “hand to hand” combat.

In spiritual terms, it is where the enemy has singled you out for the attacks and not just a family or work group however, his goal is always to disrupt the “group” or “family” by using someone and if he can get YOU engaged in defending yourself, then he has you either strategically distracted OR has gotten you to “open a door” so his evil troops can tromp on in with their vial deceptions, lies and accusations to be hurled at one another.

Usually, fear, anger, rage turn into finger pointing, accusations, lies and theft: meaning, theft of your joy and others as well who are fellow followers of Jesus that may be engaged in a “close quarters combat” scenario.

So, to ward off personal attacks or prepare you for anything that might come your way and you quickly stave it (break it inward) so that you are not “moved” by it, let’s see a strategic battle plan to begin each day.

Many years I have practiced going through my warfare prayers and have seen much results and victories. I know they work and the best one I have acquired (not to be a legalistic systematic type thing…but a regular “house cleaning” practice) I would like to share it with you.

I got this one from Revelator Kat Kerr and it is awesome, in fact you can order the cards for it at her website.

Here is my version tweaked a bit the way I practice it:

A Daily Guide


Speak this first out loud:

“Our Heavenly Father, HOLY HOLY HOLY is YOUR name, Your Kingdom come and YOUR will be done on earth (right here)just as it is in Heaven. Please give us this day our daily bread (and the Bread of Your Presence)and forgive us of our many sins of thinking and doing as well as sins of omission and please blot them out with the blood of Jesus and remember them no more~ thank You Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father, our Deliverer, please lead us not into temptations but deliver us from evil (calamites and the evil one) for YOURS GREAT GOD JEHOVAH…IS the KINGDOM and the POWER FOREVER and EVER AMEN!! IN Jesus name…AMEN!!!”



LIFT UP YOUR HEADS OH YOU GATES, BE LIFTED UP YOU ANCIENT DOORS AND LET THE KING OF GLORY COME IN! WHO IS THIS KING OF GLORY? JEHOVAH SABBAOTH, THE LORD OF HOSTS!! HE IS THE KING OF GLORY AND WE WELCOME YOU KING OF GLORY COME!!! COME KING OF GLORY!!! COME!! (From Psalms 24:7-10) Speak to the gates to be lifted up according to Psalms 24:7-10 this welcomes Him INTO the territory where you live (your home) ….

Speak outloud:

“THIS is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!! Let EVERYTHING that has breath….PRAISE THE LORD!!!! AMEN!!!”

(This is what you are doing when you praise thank Him and praise Him). “Enter his gates with thanksgiving; go into his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and praise his name”. Psalms 100:4

“David appointed the following Levites to lead the people in worship before the Ark of the Lord—to invoke His blessings, to give thanks, and to praise the Lord, the God of Israel.” I Chronicles 16:4

Here is a simple prayer to help guide you in and through this, and at some point you will just “know” and say it for yourself and between each thing you “lose” wait a moment to allow Holy Spirit to work in your soul to lose it. Often people “feel” it as they feel lighter (sin is an “unpleasant weightiness”).

“Heavenly Father as your child and as an act of my will I choose to loose from my soul_______in Jesus name….GO!”

Fill in the blank and here are some examples to use; Loose – all darkness, all negative words and word curses, all spirit of fear, all unholy soul ties, all spirits of the masons and eastern star groups in my generational bloodline,the spirit of victimization, the spirit of heaviness, the spirit of jealousy and suspicions, all offense, all criticisms, all addictions, all unbelief, all double-mindedness, all bondages to any person, place or thing, ungratefulness, pride and haughtiness, unholy anger, resentfulness, bitterness, strife and contention, witchcraft, rebellion and disobedience, complacenty, laziness and procrastination, slothfulness, hopelessness, defeat and discouragement, all evil and calamity.

And anything Holy Spirit brings to your mind (He will never overwhelm you). Remember Romans 8:1 tells us there IS no condemnation for those IN Christ Jesus walking according to The Spirit of Holiness (Holy Spirit). If you sense you need to ask His forgiveness for any specific things, do it, do it right away and right away thank Him and receive HIS forgiveness and let it go!

NEXT; Remember, we have all given pieces of ourselves(pieces or “layers” of our soul) away to people, places and things How do you give yourself away to a “place”? Ever been to a movie filled with evil, death, destruction, violence, witchcraft or pornography, nudity and sex? Been in bars where “nudity” is there, like strip clubs? Ever gone to a soothsayer or palm reader? Not only people but “places”. Giving a layer of the soul to things might look like, alchol, drugs, food (in excess or wrong kinds that is known to be damaging to you), sex, movies, tv shows we should not watch. People, could be those where sex was involved or even thoughts of sex with them who are NOT a marriage partner. People can also be where you are in “fear of man” and want to man please for their approval, abuse where a layer of soul is stolen, *remember the enemy IS also a “thief”.

Where do we find this in the Word?
3He brings back my soul, and leads me in the paths of truth because of your Name.” Psalms 23:3 Aramaic NT (with Psalms & Proverbs)

So here is a prayer for you:

“Heavenly Father I ask Your forgiveness where I have given a layer of my soul away to any person, place or thing that was not of You Lord and I repent and receive Your forgiveness. And as Your child Heavenly Father, and as an act of my will, I call back those layers of my soul that I have given away…COME BACK SOUL in JESUS name!!!” (Just wait a few moments to allow Holy Spirit to work and for restoration to take place. Unseen things that happen are actually more “real” than things we can see or feel with our natural senses…yet, often time) Psalms 23:3 tells us He restores our soul.

It is good to ask for the blood of Jesus to be applied over those parts of the soul which have returned.

NEXT and this is sooo much fun! We want to “bind” some things TO our soul, HOLY things! And after each thing, wait and allow Heavenly Father to actually put them IN you! YOU WILL often “feel” this and it is amazing. If you are not one who is a “feeler” just KNOW, in other words, believe like a child and receive!

“Heavenly Father as Your child I ask that You would download into my soul, _____ and I receive and bind to my soul these good and perfect gifts You have given to me….in Jesus name!”

Some examples of what to fill in the blank: “Your Spirit of Holiness, Your Life, Your Presence, Your Light, Your LOVE, Your Joy, Your Peace, Your Revelation, Your KINGDOM and anything else YOU want to download this day in Jesus name…I receive.”

Praise and give thanks to HIM with shouts and songs of praise & thanksgiving!!!

The next part is what you can do regarding your home, workplace, school or even church where battles and dissensions seem to erupt.

First off, understand that once you have nothing in common with whatever has been attacking your family, friends and/or co-workers, then you are able to “kick that thing out!” in Jesus name to the glory of Heavenly Father!

This requires “knowing” who YOU are and “KNOWING” Who HE is!

It also requires in the “knowing” ….childlike faith and belief! Faith is believing it is so even when it isn’t so in order for it to be so! Belief is not just trusting…its DOING! Or “action”!

“When God disarmed the principalities and the authorities HE made them an example, exposing them publicly, when He triumphed over them through Him, Messiah.” Colossians 2:15 One New Man Bible

The word “disarmed” literally means “stripped”. It was a term used to depict what the Romans did to their captives who had high rank; they would shame them and parade them through Rome and this is how Paul described what he had been given revelation about. The words that are often used is “spoil” and the Greek definition at the root of what is meant literally means to take off like as in clothing “to strip” off.

For a deeper understanding of “striping the power of darkness”…go to our website and click on post that reads “ The Authority of Christ in Us” for a more in depth understanding of what it all means.

HERE is what you can do:

From here…you can release the anointing of God to break the yokes of bondage over your family, your household, your city etc, begin to declare and decree a thing according to the will of the Father…(reference verse regarding decrees/declarations ~ Job 22:28 “ 28 You shall also decide and decree a thing, and it shall be established for you; and the light [of God’s favor] shall shine upon your ways”).

What IS the will of the Heavenly Father? Simple…HIS KINGDOM ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN! If you are not sure what to say….to decree or declare then just simply say “Heavenly Father, YOUR Kingdom come and YOUR will be done right here _____(name the place, your home, family, neighborhood, city, state etc.) on this earth AS it is IN Heaven… in JESUS name! AMEN!

AND here is the Psalms 101:7-8 about driving darkness (evil) from your land where you live….He who works deceit shall not dwell in my house; he who tells lies shall not continue in my presence. Morning after morning I will root up all the wicked in the land, that I may eliminate all the evildoers from the city of the Lord”.

“IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AND AS A CHILD OF THE MOST HIGH GOD, I REBUKE ALL DARKNESS FROM MY AREA WITH IN A (whatever radius, like your neighborhood, city or distance like 10 mile radius or more…might start in your home and neighborhood) RADIUS OF MY HOME…GO NOW IN JESUS NAME!!!!”

Rejoice and give thanks to the LORD JEHOVAH in JESUS NAME!

Now, at this point you can sit down and listen to the Lord quietly ask Him to show you great and mighty things. Still yourself, stop talking and thinking and just BE still to “know HIM”.

When you have heard, write things down and they may be impressions, scriptures, words, even songs, but scribe them. Receive what HE is saying. Then thank Him. Present your needs and others whom you may be interceding for (standing in on behalf of those who may or may not be able to pray or those who do not yet know Him as Savior). Pray and ask believing and you will receive.

20For if our heart condemns us, how much greater is God than our heart? And he knows all things. 21Beloved, if our heart does not condemn us, we have boldness before God. 22And we shall receive all the things that we ask from him, because we keep his commandments and we do good before him. 23And this is his commandment: that we believe in The Name of his Son, Yeshua The Messiah, and we should love one another, as he commanded us. 24And whoever keeps his commandments is kept by him and he dwells in him, and by this we perceive that he lodges in us, from his Spirit, that one whom he has given to us. “ I John 3:20-24 Aramaic NT (Aramaic was the original text of NT).          

So coming with clean hearts and minds is key to both believing and receiving. His perfect love casts out fear and the reason we “fear” is that there is some type of sin in our lives. Be it “unbelief” (that is sin) or something else. I John 4:18 says it here- 18 Such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear. If we are afraid, it is for fear of punishment, and this shows that we have not fully experienced his perfect love. NLT

II Timothy 1:7 says- For God hath not given to us the Spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind”. 1599 Geneva Bible

I would also encourage you to maybe check out other posts to help you in better understanding your positioning as a manifested son or daughter of the Most High God!

Learning WHO you are IN Christ and WHO He really is, is more than a “head knowledge” acquired by intellectual ascent. This is experiential and spiritual from encounters and experiences of the Word in your life and becoming aware of His presence in every aspect of your life, and others around you.

This makes the battlefield about LOVE!

Love IS the only tool the enemy cannot defend himself against. He has NO tool in his arsenal that can destroy it!

He tries to use humans to come against it in hate, anger, rage, offense, accusations, terror or fear.

That is the tactics he uses when setting traps and snares for us. Usually, places where we have been “most wounded” OR are tender too. Friends, family, co-workers etc. are the ones we tend to be most “tender” too….it is why we must learn to love unconditionally meaning? Go beyond the ones we readily love and step into supernatural love of God!

When you begin to learn of who you are created to be in Christ and Who HE is in a deeper more experiential sense, you are better able to hear Him and encounter Him! When you do, you hear His voice much more easily as Holy Spirit helps you to know “what to do” AND “when” to do it! Also, HE teaches you inside of you through other teachers and even more so through the written Word (bible). SO that you can “know” more about Him and get to actually KNOW Them! (Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit)!! That way, you can then know what to ask for and “how” to DO the things HE reveals for you TO do…like “choosing your battle”. Sometimes you are in a battle with a child, or someone you mentor or a friend/family etc. and you are in a position that you have to respond…that is the KEY… to “respond” NOT react!

Re-acting is a knee jerk response when going through a familiar dance of arguments or disputes with another person. A RESPONSE however, is a place where you are in control of your emotions and allowing Holy Spirit to tell you what to say and/OR what to do…which may mean saying nothing at the time.

Never the less….ask yourself this question, is what being fought about worth it? Is it a matter of life or death spiritually or physically for that person or you? MOST importantly WILL Jesus be glorified in this dispute?

OR will blessing them (even silently) and choosing to walk away in a good demeanor be the best option? You can always say… “I just don’t want to argue this matter with you.” Smile and walk away. Pray for them, for you and this matter leaving it in God’s hands. Would be great if you have not seen the movie “War Room” to take some great advice from the character Ms. Clara on some of that!

The extravagant supernatural love of God grows inside of us when we begin by practicing it IN the very places where we love people easily and we can practice our set of tools that GOD has given to us!

When we do this, we can see that HE opens our hearts when we yield them to Him for a greater more profound and unexplainable love we have never experienced…..HIS extravagant love! In time that challenge will expand for us to take more territories being “battled over”, like workplace, church or schools etc.

That battlefield won in love…becomes HIS Kingdom GOD’S Kingdom of Light, like in Heaven! The place has been won by Jesus …we just need to stand an acquire it HIS way with HIS plan (will)! Acquiring people and places for the Kingdom starts where love is the battlefield.

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