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Love and Joy Released!
The year 2015 is now here and since the beginning of this new year there has been a fast approaching comet named “lovejoy”. It seems to bave been around in 2011 but only coming close to the sun, this year….its different!
Last year another comet names ISON was all hyped about but turned out a “dud” yet “lovejoy” seems to be making for some interesting footage.

On January 7th it was coming the closest to the earth it has been and will continue to be seen by the naked eye until about January 20th. What is so important about all of this?
Our Heavenly Father often gives signs to demonstrate something and those who are watching, “catch it”. One would think with something this big, everyone would “get it” but hey, the Israelites saw the Red Sea parted walking over on dry land, they saw a pillar of fire and a cloud over them in the day that covered them, still…they forgot and didn’t believe.
Hard for us to think that something of that magnitude would be forgotten but truly, mankind has not changed much other than capitalizing upon the great witty ideas and inventions our Creator has downloaded, and that has been the focus, the “capitol gain”, all about “self”.
The “media”, such as social media through the last decade has just exploded from pintrist, linkedin, twitter, instagram to facebook! All of which has more personal touch relating to public whereas the regular venues of media are more politically puppeted.

Still, with all types of access to the world, people have become much more isolated but the need to be connected is evidence whether or not they recognize it, of a higher plan.
Just look at all the videos, texts and “selfies” flying about in cyberspace where people are trying to “impress” or stay in touch with other humans. “Selfies” now there is a picture of the “now generation”…which IS all about “self”.
Media exploits all types of self pleasure and self improvements…and yet there is more! When the enemy promotes his agenda his tactics have pretty much always remained the same; get people to be focused on self through fear or pride.
Terrorism is obviously “fear based”. This has been so over publicized that I wonder what would happen if the media stopped giving the ones bent on destructive behaviors “air time”?
Those involved in terror attacks are the most selfish humans on the planet. They are so entrenched in fear and pride they cannot see out. The enemy has them righ where he wants and they go to their graves believing in their twisted thinking that they will get all this self pleasure on the other side of life. How very sad that the enemy can reduce a human to such self debasement to murder children and commit suicide. And yet the media “reports it!”
Reports…when evil reports are publicized in a way that millions hear and see it, then the ones “reporting” interject their thoughts and opinions…well, let’s look at this type scenario in the Word so we can see the result and see what God thinks about this type behavior.
Read Numbers 13-14
First God commands Moses to choose specifically leaders of each tribe to spy out the land. They are chosen then Moses does something unusual, he begins to call one of them by another name…Hoshea now becomes Joshua, actually Hoshea means “deliverer” and Joshua means “saved”. These names all point to the coming Messiah, “YESHUA”!
Numbers 13:26-29 The “reporters” (spies) share “what they saw” mind you they tell them the facts of what their eyes had seen…but it will be very clear the intent of their heart when they begin to interject their “feelings” and “opinions” about “WHAT” they saw with their eyes.
By verse 30 its clear that the back then “media” has stirred the people up and they are upset because Caleb has to calm the group gathered. Sound familiar? Think of this one episode of Missouri police and Florida etc and how the media is blowing it up and it is stirring up division, contention and unrest etc.
Back to our story…
In verse 30, Caleb demonstrates the intent in his heart by saying “…let us go up at once and possess it, for we are well able to overcome it!”

Christians who actually believe and say; we CAN truly do all things through Christ are often “shot down” because people choose to doubt, listening to the voice of the enemy and allowing their “flesh” to fall into fear.
Just like our charcters in this story: listen to what happens after Caleb says what he did about them being able to overcome and take the land…the other “reporters” in verse 31 come against Caleb with their doubt and unbelief and “FEAR”!
Fear that causes them to FORGET just how big GOD really is and has demonstrated over and over to them! Do we not do the same things?
Verses 32-33 its not enough they contradict Caleb’s report, they actually elaborate with an “evil” report spreading more fear and doubt to the people!! They have allowed their natural minds and the enemy’s lies, deceptions and fear tactics to “rule” in them at their reports…this is NOT God at all!
Numbers 14
Verses 1-4 the result of the evil report? The people believed the bad reporters and cried, murmured and complained then decided to “do it their way”.
What happened when the reporters began to interject their fears and ideas re. the Missouri and Florida incidents? An uprising bringing division and fear.
In Numbers, these people were so deceived they actually wanted to return to captivity by returning to Egypt, is this crazy or what?
When someone believes the father of lies, they end up “returning” to captivity that JESUS has set them free from. When someone falls into the “fear” trap of any kind, they return to captivity by choice!
Verses 5-9 Moses and Aaron the leaders of intercession are crying out to God while Joshua and Caleb are also upset and begin to reason with the people trying to “boost their faith in God” by reminding them…how big God is and how little the enemy is.
Verse 10 the people then turn on them and decide they will kill them because they have faith and the people do not.
In Missouri and other places did the people not begin destroying things and hurting and even killing officers? This is because of the “evil reports”.
THEN God intervenes in verse 11
11-12 God is NOT happy with them and tells Moses He’s going to let them really be overcome by death and destruction. Hey, they chose this and HE is merely giving them what they have stepped into by turning from the Ways of God…they don’t trust Him.
BUT beginning in verse 13 Moses pleads (intercedes) on their behalf.
Now was God our Heavenly Father in some sort of identity crisis here where He forgot who He is and simply reacted? No. The people made a choice and the enemy had taken their minds and hearts provoking the to evil actions. WHEN we choose to NOT follow God, we place ourselves in dangerous territory. God will use the destroyer for His purposes. Isaiah 54 tells us all about that.
Back to our story.
13-19 Moses reasons with our Father in Heaven. Did God forget Who He was?
Of course not, this was all about knowing Him relationally and Moses recounts what he knew about our Father TO the Father. He demonstrated his heart intent and it touched our Father.
Verse 20 God pardons them!
Then does something that is a promise we need to remember and bring to remembrance in our day and time because HIS promises are always yes and we are the “amen” to them!
Look at 21… “But as truly as I live, all the earth will be filled with the Glory of the LORD!”
Here we get a glimpse of something to come and we have not yet seen this!
So, the Lord pardons them but, they bear consequences of their actions…they doubted and feared the enemy more than the Lord, so because of their “fears”, they would NOT see the promised land in person however, their children would!! When you read the rest of Numbers 14 you see they say they are repentant and they will go into the land they were going to run from but they decide to do it their way even though being warned to wait on the Lord to give it to them. It would appear that fear turned into presumption and it cost them their lives, some of them but not all of them did this because the ones that waited wondered in the desert as the consequence of their unbelief, yet they were protected by God.
So in our day, how long will it be before the children of the Lord arise and shine? How long before we stop listening to the media’s reports that are evil, believing them? IF we listen, we have the obligation to “change” them! By releasing the Kingdom INTO the situations and cancelling the words of the evil reporters and praying for their souls.
This is our twenty first century picture of the whole entering the promised land scenario back in Moses day. Will you be one who enters the land of promise on earth? OR will you be a doubtful one who dies never seeing or believing the power of God to overthrow the enemy in every situation where the Kingdom of Heaven is released?
This is the NEW YEAR of LOVE and JOY of God being released upon this earth because His joy will give us strength to “endure” and HIS love will empower us to destroy the works of the devil wherever we may be.
May we walk in the ways of the Lord as Joshua and Caleb did when they realized GOD’s potential upon the earth which God said “HIS Glory WILL cover ALL the earth!” AMEN!!

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