MYSTERIES REVEALED: The Journey Pt 1 Foundation & Revelation of Authority

kids holding handsTHE JOURNEY

Foundation & Revelation of Authority

What is the revelation of authority?

In fact, what IS “authority” what does it actually mean?

Webster’s defines it this way: authority

: the power to give orders or make decisions

: the power or right to direct or control someone or something

: the confident quality of someone who knows a lot about something or who is respected or obeyed by other people

: a quality that makes something seem true or real

Full Definition of AUTHORITY

1a (1) :  a citation (as from a book or file) used in defense or support (2) :  the source from which the citation is drawn

b (1) :  a conclusive statement or set of statements (as an official decision of a court) (2) :  a decision taken as a precedent (3) :  testimony

c :  an individual cited or appealed to as an expert

2a :  power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behavior

b :  freedom granted by one in authority :  right

3a :  persons in command; specifically :  government

b :  a governmental agency or corporation to administer a revenue-producing public enterprise.

4a :  grounds, warrant <had excellent authority for believing the claim>

b :  convincing force <lent authority to the performance>

Let’s break it down…

Power to give orders (someone delegated) that would be Jesus when He came and then delegated us.

Power to control is where we are seated NOW with Christ in Heavenly places according to the Word. Meaning all the evil is under His feet it’s under ours as well. Ephesians

A quality that makes something seem real or true …when Jesus demonstrated healing (the Kingdom of Heaven on earth) their response was we haven’t seen anything like that in Israel before. Jesus demonstrated genuineness and power which brought Truth to them to “set them free”.

A citation (as from a book of file…JESUS IS the book, the Word) used in defense or support…we can invoke the highest court of all in Jesus name because His name IS our citation to ask for forgiveness, to forgive, to speak healing, command peace to storms, to intercede on behalf of others etc.

An official decision of the court…when Jesus rose from the grave the debt of sin was paid, done. There was no fault found in Him and the decision was HE has all authority and HIS name IS above every name in heaven and on earth and in the depths of the earth!

An individual appealed to as an expert…JESUS knew, knows all things because He and the Father are One and HE sent His Spirit to be in and with us to “teach us all things …Jesus spoke and to tell us of things to come”.

Power to influence or command thought, opinion or behavior…while there is power to change things, we have been given power to see our lives change so that things around us can change as well. Transformation…Romans 12:1-2 by transformational mindset…we can understand “how” we have power to demonstrate Kingdom which influences others as they see truth that will set them free.

Freedom granted by one in authority, JESUS set the captives free and commands us to go and do this as well IN His name.

A government agency or corporation to administer a revenue-public enterprise…the government is upon Jesus shoulders and everything we ever need comes from His riches in glory. His government will increase not decrease and that means His authority will be seen, not like a dictator but the extravagant goodness of our Heavenly Father (see Hosea 3:5) so much so, people will be in awe (trembling). Now that’s extravagant. It is released in and through the ones Jesus said to go and do…that would be us!

Grounds, warrant-convincing force….Jesus name is so powerful people are afraid of it who do not know Him. If this were not so, why are so many banning the use of His name? The devils have them deceived about His name because THEY know they would have to leave if humans got hold of this Jesus!

Convincing force….when JESUS calmed a storm, do you think that was a demonstration of a “convincing force”?

HE said you of little faith to the disciples who were freaking out about this “storm”…why?

Either because they didn’t believe that the storm could be calmed and were fearful they would die even though JESUS had said let’s go to the other side and they were going to make it OR they doubted what Jesus was capable of doing, therefore doubting WHO HE Was (and IS).

Think about it, they had just seen a major miracle of feeding a mass of people with little to no food that multiplied but they freaked out because of a storm…see how quickly we jump off the faith boat when a storm comes in??

This belief that leads to faith is what Jesus was instilling in them before He gave them and then us the authority of His name.

Before we go any further, we need to revisit what HIS name means it is key to understand this in order to get “revelation” OF it!

The understanding is “a door” in this case …for revelation to come forth.

When there is a flood the dam door holds back the waters but when the waters become a force to be reckoned with the door has to open to release the water. There is so much that will come forth to us when we recognize “THE Door”!

Building a solid foundation with understanding IS much different than learning for “knowledge sake alone”.

There is a vital point of connection between our Heavenly Father’s Name and Jesus Name, Y’shua in Hebrew.

We are not going to do a study on it in this lesson (we have had lesson’s on His name in the last series of Mysteries Revealed) but, we will need to touch on it here to “connect the dots” so to speak.

How often in the Old Testament do we see the many names of God? Jehovah Jireh (God Who provides…the provider), Jehovah Nissi (God The banner over us, protection), Jehovah Rapha (God Who heals), this list goes on and on and it depicts HIS character …His nature! HE IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

Jesus, His name means (Y’shua means same thing and more)…Savior, Healer, Deliverer, Protector, Provider, Defender….etc.

THE FATHER NAMED JESUS! The message was sent to Mary and Joseph about that matter. Why is this important? Jesus had been known as The Word in Heaven, because HE IS the Word! (Read John 1).

HE, Jesus took ON the names and nature (He already had this mind you) of Heavenly Father in an earthly form with a Name that would depict our Heavenly Father. JESUS WAS and IS the perfect representation of our Heavenly Father. (John 17).

Here is where the key goes into the lock to open the “dam door” so to speak…

WE believe IN Jesus name…..WE receive JESUS into our lives….WE are forgiven IN Jesus name, and we are redeemed, restored, healed, saved, delivered, set free, empowered, filled with Holy Spirit, made complete in the love of Yah all IN JESUS NAME! We literally step INTO Jesus Who is the “DOOR” (John 10) the Door is also the Word. We are transformed and changed by HIM, by HIS Holy Spirit IN and WITH us!

When transformation happens it is because the Ruach Ha`Kodesh of God (Holy Spirit) breathed upon our hearts (where the Word is written, see Hebrews 10) it is activated and comes to life driving out darkness of deception and lies because there IS no darkness in Yah (see I John 1:5) and His LIGHT comes to tarry and live within us and is seen by others (See Matthew 5-6).

BEING IN JESUS name seated with Him in Heavenly places we are also IN the Father as He is in the Father and because of the blood of Jesus that literally eradicated sin and death we are made new …really! NOW because this is true, we can …as Jesus commanded us, GO in His name and DO what HE said we can do and even greater things as He left the earth and put us in charge of the earth, like in the beginning. See (Psalms 115 and Genesis 1).

The Revelation of the Authority of Jesus name is the greatest KEY to understanding who we are, our identity.

THIS understanding of identity has been the issue with the body of Christ as there has been a huge “identity issue”. It’s even manifesting in all types of vial ways upon the earth. The further humanity sinks in the darkness of deception the harder it is for them to come in the natural as fear and terror has grip on so many, even Christians.

The issue has been MORE about  “identity crisis”, and not the isis crisis, identity crisis is what is oppressing the Children of God Almighty! This “identity crisis” is why so many have left the church and why so much fear is IN the body of Christ!

WHEN the beloved of the Lord come to understand who they are then the enemy will run from them!! HE will flee in fear and terror of the name of Jesus being made manifest as we represent Him on the earth as ambassadors of Heaven!

WHEN we do, the glory…genuine manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven will be made known throughout the earth….THEN the end will begin to come!

Let’s turn to Isaiah 11

When you read and study this, it’s not hard to see this is “to come” events which we have NOT seen on this earth YET!

However, we have entire sects of religion that is preaching the return of Jesus (and HE WILL return, make no mistake) but, NOT before all the prophesies are fulfilled and they have NOT been fulfilled yet!

The prophesy of JESUS first coming has been fulfilled in order to see the future prophetic words come to pass.

IF Jesus government will increase ON the earth that is given to man…then how do you think it will happen?

WHY do we reduce the will and plan of our Heavenly Father to our limited understanding or a “religious” set of beliefs that are based upon our own earthly experiences instead of Heavenly ones?

We have to “raise our eyes” and look up and stop being so short sighted or perhaps “near sighted” and learn to see with the eyes of King Jesus and hear with the ears of King Jesus.

I recently shared this story and I want to share it with you as well something I sense is important to this lesson in which Holy Spirit taught me.

While out mowing the lawn the other day I twice heard something from Holy Spirit that is something I wanted to share with you Beloved.
My mower is a small front wheel drive push mower and as I was mowing trying to keep my lines straight I was focused upon the mower and what was just in front of it. That seems right but…when I got to the end of the row while turning the mower to begin the next, I noticed the rows were “wavy” not even. I heard the Lord whisper, “if you will fix your eyes upon the building in the next yard and walk toward it allowing the mower to flow without pulling or tugging to ‘keep the line straight’ it will be straight.” So…I did just what I had heard. When I reached the end of the row and made my 180 turn I looked and sure enough the row was completely straight. He began to unravel that for me showing me that when we fix our eyes upon “how do we do this” like “how am I going to make enough money to do …..” or pay something, or “how will we be able to afford….” and then decide upon something fully focused going for it, then it becomes an uphill battle. We get met with all kinds of bumps and the lines become “wavy” and we get tired and frustrated, either wanting to “give up” or feeling like we must have “missed it”.

The truth is this, IF our “heart intent” becomes totally focused on Jesus, the Fathers plan and listening to Holy Spirit we end up thinking along the lines of “okay, how do I help others by doing this?” In other words, our focus with our skill, gift, idea, desire of our heart doesn’t become a chore but a delight and when our intent is to help which is loving kindness like our Father I might add…then whatever we put our hands to do will simply “explode” (in a really amazing way…blessings galore). Amazing the places and things Holy Spirit uses to “teach us”.We only get revelation when we go through the “door” and that is where the authentic foundation of Jesus identity is located and where we discover OUR identity in Him.

How does this relate to foundation and revelation of authority? If we are so “world” around us focused we will sink into the same exact mindset AS the rest of the world Beloved of the Lord. And..if we do not learn “how to…” read the Word and ask for it to come to life for us, we WILL miss the revelation! I close with this verse to bring it to a stopping point.

 Psalms 119:130 “130 The entrance and unfolding of Your words give light; their unfolding gives understanding (discernment and comprehension) to the simple.”AMP


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