Mysteries Revealed: The JOY of the LORD is My Strength!


“Who for the “joy” set before Him endured the cross.”

Hebrews 12:2

When you read the surrounding verses you discover that there was some serious wrestling that Jesus underwent, to the point of sweating blood. NO one has ever wrestled with all of what He did!

The scriptures even make mention of that if you read further.

The agony HE must have endured mentally is beyond our comprehension. If we, humans, in our weaknesses endure mental anguish of stress, or control of another, or abuse, verbal or physical, or a barrage of lies of our worthlessness taunting us, or whispers to just “give up and die” or give up and do your own thing….these are minuscule compared to what JESUS heard I would imagine. WHY?

There IS no temptation common to man that HE was not tested in and passed! How in His humanity was HE able to do it?

HE demonstrated it FOR us and we would do well to truly ponder this, especially IN this hour!

Tonight we honor Jesus in what HE did by remembering….how HE endured these things ending in a horrible death!

FOR US! FOR me…for YOU!

The “joy” set before Him…what was that “joy”?

We can turn to Ephesians 1 and quickly discover a portion of that secret as we follow the map leading us to the answer.

Read 17-23 but look at verse 18 closely “the hope of His inheritance”. When you look further in that verse we are the hope, why is that? Keep reading.

In fact, head into Chapter 2:4-7. What do we see, the demonstration of His grace and love in us by the fact that we are seated WITH HIM in Heavenly places with all powers of darkness under our feet because we are seated WITH Jesus…but that is not the end of it.

Check this out, when Jesus died for our sin, He died AS you and AS me! Just as if….

This add a new slant if you are listening to Holy Spirit.

So how is this related to HIS JOY? And His joy being our strength?

When we leave this earth, HE will present HIS treasure to the Father, Who is and will be very pleased and thrilled to see you and me! JESUS saw the end as the Author and Finisher (See Hebrews 12 again).

I believe the joy of seeing the possibility of all mankind or much of it redeemed fully and presented back to Abba Father was overwhelming! JESUS saw the pleasure of His Father at obeying fully what HE was sent to do and that joy flooded Him with a supernatural strength!

IF you and I can grab hold of this, understanding it will begin with “abiding” with Him (IN His name…fully believing HE is Who He is …) then HIS joy in us will be full! THAT picture etched in our very being will produce fruit of Joy in our outward actions and reactions as well!

THE JOY OF THE LORD….IS…our strength!!

Happy Resurrection Day!!!

Happy Passover, (Chag Sameach) because as followers of JESUS CHRIST….death HAS passed us over!

The 3rd day is coming…SO Beloved, celebrate like you mean it!!!

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