Signs That Make You Wonder!

Signs that make you wonder!

Often times God will use a major event, or even sporting events to “speak” to His people, at least for ones “watching to see what HE might say” as Habakkuk said in chapter 2 when he positioned himself to hear from God to see what He was saying!

That said… while it is considered a “sport” The 144th running of the Kentucky Derby is an international event and God had something to say!

I watched it as I have done most of my life having been born in KY as a family tradition, and as I watched I sensed this was going to be an “out of the blue” but very pronounced thing, thing is… many were actually bidding on the one that won, but did they know what they were doing?

Perhaps from a natural standpoint but mind you it was certainly NOT about “gambling” even though millions did, but rather I believe that GOD had something to reveal to ones listening and observing!

So, to set this up some…

The 144th Run for the Roses the horse named “Promises Fulfilled” #3 broke out of the gates like bullet to the front! Then half way in, #7 “Justify” took the lead as he had run along just slightly behind and to the right of Promises Fulfilled (significant because he never got mud on his fact throughout the race!).

A horse named “Good Magic” tried to “contend” with “Justify” but nothing doing! At the end Justify won and the jockey gave all credit to Jesus Christ his Savior and Lord. The owner the same and thanked God saying how blessed they have been.

Here is a partial account by a man named Steve Silverman of Bleach Report Inc:

“As the gates opened, speedball Promises Fulfilled jumped to the front of the pack. That was just as expected and Justify was angled behind him in second place. That meant Justify could run quite cleanly despite the downpour. He was not getting jostled by other horses or getting mud thrown back in his face since he was to the side of Promises Fulfilled and not directly behind him. Justify maintained his speed and position throughout the first half of the race, and that could have led to trouble. He was running at an extremely fast rate, as the first half-mile was completed in 45.77 seconds. That could have caused problems later in the race after Justify struck the front with three-eighths of a mile to run. Justify had to withstand a brief challenge from Bolt d’Oro and then a more serious move by Good Magic as the horses turned for home. Good Magic is trained by Chad Brown, who is nearly Baffert’s equal when it comes to preparing horses. Good Magic had plenty of momentum and appeared to take a couple of strides that cut into Justify’s lead. But Justify was not about to yield after gaining the front, and he was able to stretch out his lead to two ½ lengths as he reached the wire and earned the Kentucky Derby title with a winning time of 2:04.20. Smith explained that his horse was quite responsive at every interval during the race”.

Why is all this significant? I asked the Lord about it and first thing He revealed was to go to Psalms 144 and I did. Of course, being that the horse was #7 that alone stuck out along with his name!

Let’s look at Psalms 144 before we go further in this word:

“King David’s poetic song as he stood before Goliath[a]
There is only one strong, safe, and secure place for me; it’s in God alone and I love him! He’s the one who gives me strength and skill for the battle. He’s my shelter of love and my fortress of faith, who wraps himself around me as a secure shield. I hide myself in this one who subdues enemies before me. Lord, what is it about us that you would even notice us? Why do you even bother with us? For man is nothing but a faint whisper, a mere breath. We spend our days like nothing more than a passing shadow. Step down from heaven, Lord, and come down! Make the mountains melt at your touch. Loose your fiery lightning flashes and scatter your enemies. Overthrow them with your terrifying judgments. Reach down from your heavens and rescue me from this hell and deliver me from these dark powers. They speak nothing but lies; their words are pure deceit. Nothing they say can ever be trusted My God, I will sing you a brand-new song! The harp inside my heart will make music to you! 10 I will sing of you, the one who gives victory to kings—  the one who rescues David, your loving servant, from the fatal sword. 11 Deliver me and save me from these dark powers who speak nothing but lies. Their words are pure deceit and you can’t trust anything they say.  Deliver us! Then our homes will be happy. Our sons will grow up as strong, sturdy men and our daughters with graceful beauty, royally fashioned as for a palace. 13–14 Our barns will be filled to the brim, overflowing with the fruits of our harvest. Our fields will be full of sheep and cattle, too many to count, and our livestock will not miscarry their young. Our enemies will not invade our land, and there’ll be no breach in our walls. 15 What bliss we experience when these blessings fall! The people who love and serve our God will be happy indeed!”

Now let’s break it all down…

Before the race there had actually been lightening and thunder as spoken of in verse 6 and the rain was fairly relentless yet out of the rain # 7 which means “complete” finished and the horse? JUSTIFY!

If you look at verse 7 you see the cry of deliverance from the dark powers plea… yet #7 Justify never relented all the way through.

You see “Promises Fulfilled” burst upon the scene to open up the lead and it took “Justify” to win!  And, #3 (meaning the Trinity or Godhead) “Promises Fulfilled” ended at #15 (LIBERTY!)!

When I reread Psalms 144 in its entirety and looked at this whole thing Holy Spirit was highlighting, things became very clear as a picture would when held out to observe, like a mosaic!

Our leader President Trump has been doing all he has “promised” with GOD’S hand upon Him thus… “Promises Fulfilled”! He burst on the scene and has run a good race and will continue but as we see “Good Magic” (BTW there is NO such thing as “good magic” period! It is all witchcraft!) which I sensed  represented is all the talking heads on the major news networks along with the DNC and everyone in collusion with that evil political spirit trying to “take the lead” however…  JUSTIFY did not and will NOT yield!  AND when its all said and done, NO mud on the face of the horse, guess what, NO mud on the face of the leaders GOD is picking because HE is IN this to lead it!

Just as the jockey and owner made sure the media stopped and reported this as they interviewed them, they acknowledged the LORD JESUS CHRIST and thanked Heavenly Father for their blessings! We are going to see this more and more beloved ones!! Things are turning quickly!

The jockey also said… this ends the curse of Apollo! That was the only other horse that was a juvenile to win the derby and that was in 1882!

136 years ago! Apollo won the derby without having raced before and so did Justify! I looked up the name Apollo as I sensed an underlying matter and sure enough there is… a Greek name which means “manly beauty” and in Greek mythology Apollo has been variously recognized as a god of music, truth and prophecy, healing, the sun and light, plague, poetry, and more. Who does that remind you of? The devil himself as one who was the worship leader before he was blasted out of heaven with his cohorts by the “lightening of God”! That whole “manly beauty being the focus” is going to cease as the curse of Apollo was broken! And the #6 meaning “man or flesh” that “Good Magic” wore is representative of the flesh dying that the Spirit of GOD may be seen!

That said, I sense that the fact that JUSTIFY won we need to pay attention because I sense that a curse over the nation has been broken, and this “witchcraft” has been beaten here and just as “Promises Fulfilled” ended at #15 meaning “LIBERTY” we are going to see the advancement of our nation’s promises with freedom/LIBERTY and as the FIRE of GOD falls as lightening has come of HIS passionate love flashes forth from HIS very throne, we will be changed in an instant…  as we keep our faces set like flint TOWARD Him!

Pentecost is days away and I saw the Fire angel in my area and have a Golden eagle nesting behind my house, that said…. Another prophetic voice recently shared about the fire falling and the golden eagle bringing “LIBERTY” and I think as the body of Christ we will SEE this fulfillment of our promises and be filled with the Fire of Almighty God as HE runs with HIS justice in hand to take back what the enemy has stolen so we can run our races with and for HIM in Jesus mighty name!!

IN this hour nearing Pentecost, I would encourage you to read in full again Psalms 144 and also: Matthew 10:34, Hebrews 4:12, Ephesians 6:17

“Heavenly Father, we are so grateful that YOU have everything in YOUR mighty hands! We surrender our hearts completely in this hour to Your will and ways asking that You WOULD allow YOUR fire to fall upon each of us here. Oh God, reach down from Heaven and have YOUR way bringing Your justice and recompense on the head of the enemy of our souls and Your plans! We thank YOU for sending the Holy Spirit to us to lead, guide and direct us, and fire us up for YOU! We thank YOU for sending the Hosts of Heaven as the weapons of warfare to help us in the battles and thank YOU for the Angels that guard and message and do many, many things we are unaware of for YOUR Kingdom purposes and will to be done on earth like in Heaven! Help us to be UNIFIED IN HOLY SPIRIT so we may worship YOU in spirit and truth and love each other that the world may see YOU and come to know YOU as their Heavenly Father, and King Jesus as their Savior and filled to know YOU Holy Spirit as their “everything they need” here! May Your Kingdom come and YOUR will be done on earth, right here as it is in Heaven in the mighty name of our Lord KING Jesus… AMEN!”

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