The Search for Truth

seek truth picThe SEARCH FOR TRUTH

In the “Search for Truth” many are often deceived. How can this be? The human being is created to need approval, be loved, accepted and has the need to “feel” safe and whole.

There is ONLY one way that can ever happen…and it isn’t through the “world system of beliefs”.

There is a strong spirit of deception that is over the college campuses and in fact has always been there and it’s not limited to college campuses either!

In counseling many young adults these days, I see more and more the power of a specific deception that comes through their college professors, and counselors at school. We had it when we were in college but it was nothing like it has become in these days. *And be careful parents to not do the same thing the professors are doing to them.

In fact that same spirit is not limited to college students it IS prevalent everywhere and in the Christian community it masks itself much differently as it does in every arena of life!

For the college students it comes as a weight of hurriedness to “make a decision in order to DECLARE a major!” hurry up, don’t wait, you must get your life going NOW! You are the ones to lead the way! When in truth, they barely have understanding of how to even do this thing called “adulthood” and most have yet to know what real life has in store for them!

This false belief and deception pushes them to make choices and because they are young, they want to be accepted so it’s important to them to impress their professors and friends/peers. It is why other religions really push their agenda on college campuses because they can influence this age group very easily.

This “push” to “declare” a major even reeks of deception. It is not God’s way, never has been when you read the Word. HE IS NEVER in a hurry and NEVER late either!

To “declare” is to announce and why is this so important? Life and death are in the power of the tongue. What is it we are declaring?

What I have seen is the struggle they have over this and its very real, just like the same struggle you and I have as adults to determine what do we do now, especially when things seem to go “south”, in areas of our lives.

Or the same struggle when it seems everyone is going to these amazing Christian events and seeing all kinds of glorious things but are “stuck” where they are and do not know why. Yet they long to be among those experiencing the demonstrations of heaven in supernatural displays!  The deception leads them to believe that they are “missing out”, when in Truth, they are not!  As long as they are where their supposed to be… doing what they are supposed to do at that time, they are most assuredly NOT missing out!

NO MATTER your age, be it young and in college, or older in a straining circumstance or situation; ASK the Lord to give you HIS peace, and always be guided by that!

One of my mentors once said “Lori Lynn, always let peace be your guide, no matter what others may be saying for you to do!”  That has proven to be very wise and sound counsel dear ones and I pass it on to each of you!

Peace of Yah is MORE than only tranquility of mind, it is deep inside a “just knowing” that has that tranquility of mind (heart=mind, will & emotions).

Why is this push to “DO” and “BE” RIGHT NOW…such a big deception?

It creates confusion, chaos and when that happens, people make bad choices. And often in those choices they are encouraged and then some sick form of pride comes in that deludes reality and they find themselves in some fantasy of how things are supposed to “turn out” and after all, they have put in all these school hours or years of experience why shouldn’t they get what they earned?

AH….that is the essence of ENTITLEMENT! And pride is what backs that up!

Prides always says: I deserve it! It’s owed to me! Look what I accomplished! I earned this or that! I created this (fill in the blank) and made it successful by MY hard work and diligence!!

ALL OF THIS IS PRIDE! And ENTITLEMENT… is its bedfellow!

LISTEN! NEITHER YOU NOR I….have “done” a stinking thing apart from the mighty hand of GOD ALMIGHTY!! NOT ONE THING!!!! NOT A THING BELOVED!!!!

But sister Lori…I worked thirty years and built this company I think I deserve blah blah blah! NO YOU DIDN’T!

You may have worked hard, great, we all should…however, not one idea, not one door opened to you, not one ounce of money or prestige was earned by anything you did beloved! NOT ONE!

OUR Heavenly Father is the GIVER of gifts, talents, skills, ideas, inventions, etc. NOT US! HE graciously gave each one of us amazing things inside to DO and BE!

HOWEVER it has NEVER been so “WE COULD BE SUCCESSFUL”!  WE are successful to BE for HIM!

The world mentality is work hard, climb a ladder to financial success and to prove that buy a house, cars etc. and save money to have for future retirement and live the dream!

Sounds great but is it really what GOD our Father told us?

No it isn’t beloved, it is the “world mindset” the cultural plumb line NOT God’s plumb line!

Success is never measured by “how much” nor “how famous”! Both of these types of mentality are driven by one of the greatest downfalls of mankind….the “applause of men”!  Which in the core is THE “fear of man”!! Or another way to say it is the “awe of man” meaning? Applause of men and the fear part comes in when one fails to live up to the standard of the sound of their applause be it praise or admonition!

On the flip side of what it takes to “succeed” in this deceptive world system, if they don’t give in to the pressure to “succeed” according to the standards of the world system then they feel they are a failure even looked at as a “failure” by many who are also stuck in that same deceptive mentality

This IS a great deception!  How does it look in the church? No different.

Seeking approval from men/women is the same as the world cultural acceptance margin which says,  to be considered “successful”, you must  meet the approval of your peers and mentors, and their applause dictates the measure of your success.

 This is why “wait” and “be still” is foreign to those in the world culture, however….there is a “false belief system” that has gotten hold of some measure of truth about waiting and being still.

It is why Yoga is on the rise as is other eastern religions and why islam promotes itself as “peaceful” when it is absolutely the opposite of peace!

The  kids in college who are aligning with the BDS movement are following lying propaganda and these kids most likely about 99% have never been to Africa where real apartheid has happened, yet are accusing Israel of it, when they have never even been to Israel either!

It proves the young are easily influenced and convinced why is that? They need to be heard, approved and long to be different. They search for a “cause” to get behind and the truth is, this is in their DNA as young adults!

However, the body of Christ has done a poor job of demonstrating Heaven culture as Jesus did and it is why they are searching for something to get in alignment with that is greater than what they have seen on earth in their parents’ generation!

Beloved, this “push” to BE and DO is not how GOD does things!  However, things are moving at a rather fast pace as HOLY SPIRIT is building a non-stoppable momentum upon this earth that no one will ever be able to stop again, not the devil, not a nation, nor any person or group of people!!!  Make NO mistake, the Heavenly Father is going to have HIS WILL…HIS WAY on earth!!!

The question is, are you going to be onboard with Him or the world system?

The Spirit of Truth will reveal to the heart what is right, real and true when we invite Holy Spirit to lead, guide, direct and teach us!

TRUTH will always “set free” whereas DECEPTION will always ensnare and hold captive!

Jesus said to him, I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by (through) Me.” John 14:6

32 And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.” John 8:32

True freedom is being free of having to please a human being all the time whose mind shifts and changes like the wave of the sea whereas, pleasing our Heavenly Father is simple…yet sometime hard. His requirements?


But without faith it is impossible to please and be satisfactory to Him. For whoever would come near to God must [necessarily] believe that God exists and that He is the rewarder of those who earnestly and diligently seek Him [out].” Hebrews 11:6

In Hebrew that word BELIEVE actually means a complete change in behavior in other words the way we think, speak and act. The Word says in James 1:22

“But be doers of the Word [obey the message], and not merely listeners to it, betraying yourselves [into deception by reasoning contrary to the Truth].”

The question then is WHO and WHAT is it that YOU really BELIEVE…are you seeking Truth or to satisfy a longing to be approved? If you are a Christian beloved, you are approved and it was not by anything you nor I could ever “DO”, it is only through JESUS CHRIST ..WHO IS the WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE!!

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