What is Grace?

Well, some would say its God’s unmerited favor ….and that is partially right. Others would say its being saved from hell by believing in Jesus but being allowed to “sin” and still go to heaven, which is a demonic doctrinal belief.

Remember, if you know the bible, where Jesus was tempted by satan himself and satan used scriptures against Jesus?  He twisted their “meaning” to try to accomplish his dark purposes. That is exactly what demonic doctrinal belief does. Doctrine is defined as: A doctrine defined is this: a rule or principle that forms the basis of a belief, theory, or policy; a body of ideas, particularly in religion, taught to people as truthful or correct.

Anything a person deems an idea that they think is “right” which becomes their “belief” and then they tell others it is the truth and correct.  Others, who hear what is shared, often start thinking their way, and then you have a “doctrine of belief”.  This extends into not only “churches” but school systems, government and society in general because the greater whole of the people begin to accept whatever the “doctrine” is, and it becomes the “norm”. 

What has been a simple “agreement to disagree” concerning denominations and religions, has essentially become THE dividing point of the Body of Christ. Basically, all denominations even “religions” are based upon one person’s perceptions of God in which an entire religious doctrine is founded.

This statement is not presented to put down or dishonor any denominations that truly believe IN the Lord Jesus Christ but instead to show where we have been falling short and suffering in the Body because OF these certain things.

It is easier for our “minds” or “intellect” to “believe” something based upon our own experiences (good or bad), or others with whom we know or respect, that have had experiences and share them. Often times those very things we have held on too and “believed” do not line up with the authenticity of “the Word” or “TRUTH” and can become a “stronghold” in our minds (especially if what we believe IS false).  So when “truth” comes in, our minds are often not willing to “receive truth” because our “minds” have to do with our “belief system” so, we have to repent of “unbelief” and “false doctrines”. 

Grace has a whole “movement” that many have termed “hyper-grace” and it has taken the word “grace” and distorted the truth making the meaning grossly misunderstood and falsely taught in certain circles.

Webster’s defines grace as:

a :  unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification

b :  a virtue coming from God

c :  a state of sanctification enjoyed through divine grace

This doesn’t sound anything like “permission to sin”. Quite the opposite. Let’s look at a verse from the bible~

Ephesians 2:7-9 “7To show the coming ages the greatness of the riches of his grace and his sweetness, which has come upon us by Yeshua The Messiah. 8For it is by his grace that we have been saved through faith, and this faith was not from you, but it is the gift of God, 9Not of works, lest anyone should boast.” Aramaic NT

Greek word: chairo meaning -the divine influence upon the heart, and its reflection in the life; including gratitude: – acceptable, benefit, favour, gift, grace (-ious), joy liberality, pleasure, thank (-s, -worthy).

For by grace through faith we are saved. It is HIS divine influence (power) upon our hearts (minds, wills and emotions) that were are rescued, healed and delivered.

JOY is a earmark of “grace” upon one’s heart. That is a divine empowerment and favor.

Side note…even FAITH is a “gift” from our Heavenly Father!  HE has set us up to “win” and run our races with HIS joy, peace and love abiding in our minds, wills and emotions.

In a short summary for this specific note, grace is not something that is to be “toyed” with as it comes from the heavenly treasury and that means it is “holy”!  Those who are using the phrase “God’s grace” and blatantly sinning are walking in treacherous territory, make no mistake it IS sin and God NEVER excuses SIN! He will forgive the truly repentant hearts which means those who actually “turn from” and go a different direction and decisively choosing with their wills to be transformed by Truth and having their thoughts change to be in agreement with the will of our Heavenly Father.

WHOA to those teaching grace in a profaned manner….it would be wise to repent and turn and recount what you have taught as “false doctrine” before you are exposed publically by God!  I am telling you like it is and hope those who are on the ban wagon of hyper grace get this message and hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying!  Come on, The Father loves you enough to warn you, what will be your response??  IF you are one believing that false doctrine, OR teaching it!! 

The evidence of the genuine grace is that the Saint is walking in right standing with God and HIS favor is evident in their lives.  His character is shining through them in joy, love, peace and sweetness (goodness).  His character is not of this world or the world’s idea of what grace, love, joy, peace, or goodness is…HE defined these things, not the other way around, it would be wise to remember that.  Learn from HIM and allow Holy Spirit to “be your Teacher”! 

Blessings, love and Shalom to each of you!!



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