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What do we do? Who do we listen too? Over and over I have been asked this….here is my response beloved ones…and I pray, you take time to read this in its entirety otherwise you WILL miss the full message & its meaning!

Seek first the Kingdom AND His righteousness…IF we know the King…and the King’s plans which reveals His great love for mankind….to give each person a hope and future…it is much more difficult for the enemy to get you to “doubt who you are and who you belong too”!

Look at Jesus. When He began His life assignment/ministry, HE was publicly acknowledged by John when He baptized Him at the Jordan. Why is this important? Affirmation! Confirmation!  Although Jesus had been pointed out to many AT the time of His birth, this was different because it was a time of His adulthood, launching into what HE was going to be doing on this earth!

He was affirmed and acknowledged…and THIS is the time when the enemy comes in to bring “doubt”.

Before we see that interaction between Jesus and satan himself, let’s go back to the very beginning to see exactly how the enemy’s lies and deception works.

IN Genesis 3:18 when God said Adam (mankind) should not be alone….and made Eve the versions such as KJV is poorly translated in this and has been taught in many religions and denominations incorrectly because of that….the word for companion suitable for his needs or as KJV says “help mate” is actually the root Hebrew word “keneged” and it means one that is equal to and adequate for any assignment given to Adam. She was responsible as was Adam to maintaining and keeping that paradise called Garden of Eden and just as responsible for heeding God’s command regarding the two specific trees. Now we know BOTH are responsible!

That said…what is the first thing the enemy does then?? They have been given everything and have a perfect relationship with God. Told to have authority over this earth and subdue it…they have the power and authority but then what happens?

Jesus was given the power and authority before He was tempted. Authority came at the time of His birth but the “power” came when He was baptized. It is how our rebirth works, HE did it first!

Back to the first temptation…Mankind and the Lifegiver (Adam & Eve) doubted their role, the authority and power they had been given by GOD Himself. The enemy came and the first thing he said was to contradict the Lord which immediately was a huge red flag that should have prompted them to DO what GOD had just told them… to “subdue” the earth…they were given power and authority over all the animals…that snake would have had to leave if they had told him to go! They didn’t. They instead “listened” …this is a big place where most fall into trouble, they actually LISTEN to the lies and it gets into the soul because when you listen, you have chosen to do so and opened a door! The moment that snake, the devil said “you will not die” they should have told him to get out! But they “listened” and THAT is where doubt came in!

They were both there and Adam knew the same thing Eve did and he didn’t subdue the earth either! IF he had been a good equal to her….he would have stopped it and helped her by saying this is not of God and told that snake to leave! NEITHER of them did what they had been given power and authority to do but rather “listened” to the voice of the enemy who planted seeds of doubt and unbelief in “who  they were, and even who God is to them”. 

Side note, THIS is why I harp upon what goes into your ears (hearing) and eyes (seeing) things that are NOT of the Kingdom of God or HIS ways! These things WILL stick in your soul affecting your heart (mind, will & emotions.) to be sure!

Back to Jesus…He went INTO the dessert and was tempted by the enemy RIGHT after being publicly affirmed as the Son  of God! AND ….with power!

THIS is when the enemy comes…what did the enemy say to Jesus in His physically and mentally vulnerable state? IF……IF You are the “Son of God”….first thing he casts to JESUS is that “seed of doubt” and JESUS won’t have it! HE fires back the way Adam and Eve SHOULD have done!

Look at this: “4 Now Jesus, full of [and in perfect communication with] the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the wilderness for forty days, being tempted by the devil. And He ate nothing during those days, and when they ended, He was hungry. Then the devil said to Him, “If You are the Son of God, command this stone to turn into bread.” Jesus replied to him, “It is written and forever remains written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone.’”

Notice it was at the END of 40 days of fasting when the enemy came!

He was hungry! WHAT was the tree of knowledge of good and evil…a tree with fruit that looked pleasant to the eyes and to be desired….to make one wise. It was “food” a “bad fruit”. JESUS knew the difference after 40 days of fasting and communing with Holy Spirit what was good or bad fruit!

EVEN though He was hungry and the enemy tried to get Him to step into the same trap as he got Adam and Eve to do….it backfired on him this time!

JESUS responds…. IT IS WRITTEN!” In other words…HE was determined to NOT doubt what the Father had said to be true about Him and HIS assignment and HIS Father’s plans and Kingdom!!! HE knew that satan was trying to get Him to “doubt” WHO He was!

Since that attempt didn’t work then in a mocking manner, the devil did this:

Then he led Jesus up [to a high mountain] and displayed before Him all the kingdoms of the inhabited earth [and their magnificence] in the twinkling of an eye. And the devil said to Him, “I will give You all this realm and its glory [its power, its renown]; because it has been handed over to me, and I give it to whomever I wish. Therefore if You worship before me, it will all be Yours.” Jesus replied to him, “It is written and forever remains written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God and serve only Him.’”

All the “kingdoms of the inhabited earth” is like the “seven mountains” of cultural influence.  The enemy “offers” it to Jesus because they had been given to him that “power” when Adam and Eve relinquished what God had given them. JESUS was there/here to “get it all back”! In the event that Jesus was the Son of God the enemy was going to try and tempt Jesus by getting Him to doubt His assignment and to take a “different” route by worshiping him, since he had the power over these kingdoms. JESUS response?

IT IS WRITTEN!!  HE chose NOT to doubt what the Father had sent HIM to do nor to doubt WHO He was or the power & authority that was given to HIM!

NEXT was the last straw that satan could throw at Jesus…at least until the Garden of Gethsemane! By then…JESUS was and always had been fully trusting Heavenly Father!! And NOTHING satan could do would stop HIM! But check out the last attempt of satan to throw Jesus off of His assignment and get Him to doubt Who He was and about the Kingdom:

Then he led Jesus to Jerusalem and had Him stand on the pinnacle (highest point) of the temple, and said [mockingly] to Him, “If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down from here; 10 for it is written and forever remains written,

‘He will command His angels concerning You to guard and protect You,’ 11 and, ‘they will lift You up on their hands,
So that You do not strike Your foot against a stone.’”

12 Jesus replied to him, “It is said [in Scripture], ‘you shall not tempt the Lord your God [to prove Himself to you].’”

13 When the devil had finished every temptation, he [temporarily] left Him until a more opportune time.”

The enemy always starts with “if you are…” his attacks at us are no different, it is why JESUS went through it! FOR YOU AND ME to see HOW to deal with satan and these type of attacks!

Let’s expand this message because GOD our Heavenly Father always has us and the bigger picture in mind…HIS KINGDOM!

Look at this in Matthew 4:23 right after JESUS was tempted….what did HE DO?!  Back in verse 11 the angels attended Jesus and then Jesus went in full power to get his team….the disciples! AND THEN…. here it is…

23 And He went throughout all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and preaching the good news (gospel) of the kingdom, and healing every kind of disease and every kind of sickness among the people [demonstrating and revealing that He was indeed the promised Messiah].”

There you have it…..He taught, and HE preached the good news of salvation? NO! The good news of the KINGDOM!  LISTEN….KINGDOM involves salvation from the penalty of sin, healing from all sickness, and deliverance from all the snares and traps of satan including, accusation, lies, deception, poverty/theft and such… that all lead to death and destruction! THE GOOD NEWS….is the KINGDOM!

THIS beloved ones is WHY Jesus said ….SEEK FIRST…the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness!

I have another message on this that I shared this week and will post later after you have had a chance to digest and meditate upon this message.

Back to this message… let’s exand this…it applies to each human that follows JESUS….but it also applies to the nations/countries/ neighborhoods, communities, families etc. that we live in!


While junk is happening around, there are immature prophets rising up spouting all the gloom and doom without solution and that is dangerous, please read my post on “Message to Prophets” it will explain that. HERE is the deal beloved ones…

WHAT are YOU letting in your ears and eyes just enough to “sow a seed of doubt” about what GOD has already said HE IS GOING TO DO???!!!

HE will, make no mistake, WILL do what He said, the question is not whether or not He will, the QUESTION then is will YOU be on board WITH Him?

HE will do it with 2 or 2million….the choice is yours. Those who heed Him and DO what they know HE has said….and proclaim the GOOD NEWS instead of the BAD NEWS….WILL be doing great exploits

32 With smooth words [of flattery and praise] he will turn to godlessness those who [are willing to] disregard the [Mosaic] covenant, but the people who [are spiritually mature and] know their God will display strength and take action [to resist].” Daniel 11:32 AMP

32 And such as violate the covenant he shall pervert and seduce with flatteries, but the people who know their God shall prove themselves strong and shall stand firm and do exploits [for God].” Daniel 11:32 AMPC

“And he will corrupt by flatteries such as do wickedly against the covenant, but the people who know their God will be strong and act with effect!” Daniel 11:32 One New Man Bible Jewish Roots {effect means: those who know God will get results}

Those who don’t….won’t! It is that simple!

Whose side will you be on? In the Word it tells us to “choose this day who we will serve”….it is a choice every day and even often….every moment! Do you turn on the secular news and drink in the vial things you know in your spirit are not right? OR, do you turn it off and listen to the GOOD things that the Lord is going to do and not just that….get up and act in the authority and power GOD has given to His children??

Sitting around doing the same thing expecting different results is insanity…GOD has given us a spirit of miraculous power, love and sound mind….NOT of fear! When you hear something bad happening what are you doing about it? TAKE AUTHORITY OVER IT and learn how to work WITH our Heavenly Father in this glorious hour!

There is much more but I have messages on my website talking about what IS authority etc. you only need to read it for yourself and ask HOLY SPIRIT to reveal it to your spirit man so you can “get it”!

So STOP….taking in everything that sounds like gloom and doom and world culture! Get in the Word and be joyful, filled with Holy Spirit praising Jesus, Heavenly Father and just BE with Him! DO what He says and get on  “NOW” train (another message I shared recently)!

Love and blessings to each of you!

Rev. Lori


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