Winds of Change are Blowing Across Our Land


Winds of change are blowing across our land” is what I heard this morning…

  We are beginning to see the clashing of kingdoms if we have eyes to see and ears to hear this is getting clearer and clearer even for those who do not. We would do well to remember the words of our blessed Savior, King Jesus that nation would rise against nation (we have seen this for a while now) and Kingdom would rise against kingdom and since in the 21st century we don’t have earthly named “kingdoms” this is referencing the heavenly realms. I saw this in a vision once. A tornado and rainbow

In the vision I was taken up and Jesus was standing on my right hand and said look and to my right I saw something moving and Jesus asked “what do you see?”. It was “out of focus” and instantly it drew closer to me. He asked me again, “what do you see” and I saw a human wall moving. The people were arm in arm and climbing up and down each other in order to make the wall move forward but it was like when you help someone over something not like walking ON someone.

Then Jesus said look and I turned to the left and the sky ripped apart and I saw angels and demons fighting, it was quite sobering. Then we turned and walked away and He told me to scribe what I had seen and to turn to Joel 2.

Mind you at that time, I had not really read Joel 2 and wasn’t aware of what it said. When I saw it I realized what I had seen was exactly what was IN the vision taking place. Several years later Holy Spirit revealed to me that what was taking place in the skies (heavenlies that I saw of angels and demons fighting) was represented ON earth by the people locking arm in arm helping one another to keep moving forward with the purposes of Yahweh Elohim. Jesus said it this way… “Your Kingdom come and YOUR will be done ON earth AS it is IN Heaven!”

We are seeing this take place and mind you, the battle of angels and demons…we win! JESUS has already made the way and the angels are much stronger than those demons and we help our angels when WE pray and are in like-minded agreement with Heaven where the WILL of our Heavenly Father is in place. We are “seated WITH Christ Jesus IN Heavenly places” right now and the wicked spirits, principalities, ruling spirits and demons are under HIS feet…which means?? They are under OUR feet as well! Yet…we act like the enemy is bigger than God!

The verse that countermands the acting like the enemy is bigger… is “greater is HE that is in YOUR than he that is in the world”! defeting darkness with the light sword

 We would do well to remember that in the coming days and STOP being fearful!!!

When we walk in “fear”, we look like them!

Them? The rest of the world!!! WE, beloved of the Lord, are NOT OF this world!

We have authority OVER this stuff!

The biggest issue here that I perceive in my spirit is that the body of Christ has little idea or understanding of the “authority” in which Christ Jesus gave us.

Also, that most in the body of Christ really do have eyes to see and ears to hear BUT…have NO clue what that actually means. They see but do not see and hear but do not hear….why is that? Religion blocks their understanding.

Here is the bottom line Saints…we are seeing in the natural realms what is going on in the spirit realm being made manifest (revealed). SO many ask, “how do I see or perceive supernatural things of God or when the enemy is coming at me?”

It is not that hard, really…especially as a born again, Holy Spirit filled follower, disciple of JESUS CHRIST! Ask!!! THEN when you are shown BELIEVE!!! Upon actually “believing” RECEIVE!!!

Ask, seek, knock sound familiar??

You ask in Jesus name for understanding, then you believe what you asked is actually going to happen and begin to “seek” after it (they go hand in hand) and once you begin

 MYSTERIES REVEALED HIS LIGHT WITHINto truly believe, you will have revelation made available to you….then you knock to go into that revelation (Jesus IS the Door remember see John10) and there you can “receive” because the DOOR opens.

WHEN you receive….is when you will be empowered to “act upon” it which is called “faith” because you are given a “grace” to DO it! His great grace!!!

This is the beginning of understanding authority.

We are going to talk about authority in Christ Jesus this Friday May 8th during MYSTERIES REVEALED and I pray you will be able to join us and if not, to at least read the blog and (Lord willing we will have recorded a webinar you can click on and listen/watch) to get the full impact of the revelation shared.


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