Word From the LORD Through a Dream

 WORD from the Lord through a DREAM August 24th 2018

God often speaks to His prophets through dreams and visions as many of you know, so when I awakened from this dream and asked Holy Spirit to help me understand and interpret it, I knew there was something important for the body of Christ so here is the dream…

I had a dream last evening and, in the dream, I recall being in my own sphere/land but feeling like the land around was a different sphere or land. In fact, as I was in the dream with a woman I did not know.  I recall standing nearly neck high in good water and leaning back a “rock” relaxing in a peaceful/restful place. As we were both there together we looked across the way and while where we were was daylight, it was night across the way but the lights were beautiful flickering all around and we could see a huge dome and other buildings. I asked if that were a muslim place but quickly recanted when I looked closer and said “no, I believe it’s the church on the rock!” She didn’t know. We then went to look for clothing and I ended up with 3 pair of running pants, they did not fit her, but fit me. Very nice not cheap looking. They were red with white stripes the sizes were 50, 51 & 41. They didn’t fit the woman who was with me but they fit me and while this word is personal, it is also corporate. I put on a pair of these pants and we walked around the “new city” together. She didn’t seem to be astute in things but just going along, like “going along for the ride” so to speak. While walking we saw what we thought an airplane red, white and blue and thought it to only be a test pilot (there were apparently many in that area) but, quickly realized it wasn’t a plane as it turned and came straight at me! No wings, it was a rocket! I never flinched, she obviously moved. I did not even move but stood firm! The rocket plunged fiercely into the ground inches away from me but I wasn’t the least bit shaken. She was panicked, saying “everyone is dead!” I told her they were not, we need to find them. I don’t know how but we ended up in a place where kids were performing and worshiping as we were looking for the crash survivors. Then I awakened.

INTERPRETATION with Word from the Lord!

This sphere or land was the heavenly realm where there was “light” the other place in the same space was dark and it represents the “world”. The woman I didn’t know was representative of the “church” who is caught up in religious doctrinal beliefs, especially in regards to Jesus coming back and the Kingdom of heaven and the new earth. The building I had exclaimed as “the church on the rock” was similar to the dome of the rock ONLY in this dream, because of that location being in Israel and I knew it, I remembered seeing Christians IN that place (in the dream) though we were not in Israel. ON THE ROCK… meaning the ones standing firm with Jesus in believing exactly what HE said.

The clothing was running pants red with white stripe, obviously covered in the blood of Jesus and made whole to walk, run and even fly in their race! Sizes 50,51,41 were Psalms 50, 51 and 41, we’ll get back to that in a moment. There were 3 pairs of pants first one represents “walking through trials” the second pair like jogging “working out your salvation” the third pair, “exercising your faith and running & flying with the Lord”.

Those running pants did not fit the woman (religious church) but they did fit me (representing Heaven minded ones)… this will become clear in the verses in a moment.

“Test pilots” those who are being tested that “drive” or lead…

The Rocket was RED WHITE AND BLUE… obviously America. It seemed as though this whole group in the rocket were going to kill me (representing those who are walking in Heavenly places) but there was no fear even as the rocket plunged toward me at rapid speeds as though I had no where to go. I didn’t move and neither will those who are truly walking in Heaven culture… Kingdom being revealed upon this earth RIGHT NOW!

It didn’t even touch me and I knew they were not killed but rather “taken down”. The pilot didn’t lead them into life, they were being led to destruction only I knew they had not been destroyed…..yet!

This will all make sense with the scriptures God gave and it is His word. The kids I had seen were performing but worshiping, these were ones that were doing what they loved but unto the Lord.

NOW… let’s see how the verses go with what the dream was highlighting. I would however encourage you to read the entire chapters from The Passion Translation.

Psalms 50 is also the first pair of pants… starting in verse 4-15

Here he comes to judge his people! He summons his court with heaven and earth as his jury, saying, “Gather all my lovers, my godly ones whose hearts are one with me—  those who have entered into my holy covenant by sacrifices upon the altar.” And the heavens declare his justice: “God himself will be their judge, and he will judge them with righteousness!”
Pause in his presence
“Listen to me, O my people! Listen well, for I am your God! I Am bringing you to trial and here are my charges.[cI do not rebuke you for your sacrifices, which you continually bring to my altar. Do I need your young bull or goats from your fields as if I were hungry?
10–11 Every animal of field and forest belongs to me, the Creator. I know every movement of the birds in the sky, and every animal of the field is in my thoughts. The entire world and everything it contains is mine. 12–13 If I were hungry, do you think I would tell you? For all that I have created, the fullness of the earth, is mine. Am I fed by your sacrifices? Of course not!
14 Why don’t you bring me the sacrifices I desire? Bring me your true and sincere thanks, and show your gratitude by keeping your promises to me, the Most High. 15 Honor me by trusting in me in your day of trouble. Cry aloud to me, and I will be there to rescue you”.

Actually the enemy has been judged (see John 16:7-11)and in this scripture it says we are but here is the thing, David was prophesying when JESUS would come to judge the people because OF the enemy! His death and resurrection cancelled out all the sin and disease issues that lead to death therefore, the enemy was judged! OUR actions need to be brought into accountability  it is why He is judging the enemy’s actions against us, judging ON our behalf yet, we are accountable for our actions, beliefs etc. so, then, He asked this question which is very sobering…. WHY DON’T WE bring HIM the sacrifices HE desires? Which are?

  1. Bringing HIM our true and sincere thanks
  2. Show gratitude by keeping our promises TO Him the Most High.
  3. Honor HIM by trusting HIM in the day of our trouble
  4. Cry aloud to HIM, and HE will be there to rescue us.

This is what He is bringing to light beloved ones, how often is it we walk about with anxiety and/or worry even fear because of what happens in our own lives as well as around this earth? He is pointing out that we still haven’t “got it” yet but HE is not rebuking us for our sacrifices of praise and such (see previous verses in that chapter) but rather in love, taking us to task so we will stand strong!

HE IS going to deal with the wicked and oddly enough it isn’t the ones we might think, here this:

16 And now I speak to the wicked. Listen to what I have to say to you!
What right do you have to presume to speak for me  and claim my covenant promises as yours? 17 For you have hated my instruction and disregarded my words, throwing them away as worthless! 18 You forget to condemn the thief or adulterer. You are their friend, running alongside them into darkness. 19–20 The sins of your mouth multiply evil. You have a lifestyle of lies, devoted to deceit as you speak against others, even slandering those of your own household! 21 All this you have done and I kept silent, so you thought that I was just like you, sanctioning evil. But now I will bring you to my courtroom and spell out clearly my charges before you. 22 This is your last chance, my final warning. Your time is up! Turn away from all this evil, or the next time you hear from me will be when I am coming to pass sentence upon you. I will snatch you away and no one will be there to help you escape my judgment. 23 The life that pleases me is a life lived in the gratitude of grace, always choosing to walk with me in what is right. This is the sacrifice I desire from you. If you do this, more of my salvation will unfold for you.”

This is the woman in the dream who was walking with me but just clueless as to what is really going on. She could not see the kids dancing in the darkness and worshiping the Lord remember, the church ON the rock? She was afraid and oblivious to truth even though she knows all about it, what it says etc. claiming to know what God is doing yet deceived by religious doctrine.

In Psalms 51 is a prayer of confession for pardon and purity. The second pair of pants. And if you take time to read Psalms 41 is the third pair where we learn to run and fly with Him!

I pray that today as you go about your day that you will take time to hear this word from the Lord because HE loves you so!

God bless you all!

Rev. Lori Lynn

©2018 All Rights Reserved

**IN case there is someone who may get hung up on the judgement thing please look at the footnote for verse 11 of John 16:11 from The Passion Translation “In essence, “sin . . . righteousness . . . and judgment are related to three persons.” Sin is related to Adam, for it was through Adam that sin entered humanity (Rom. 5:12). Righteousness is related to Christ, because it comes through him, and he has become our righteousness (1 Cor. 1:30). Judgment is related to Satan, for the pure works of Christ bring judgment to the works of Satan. If we do not embrace Christ’s righteousness, we will share Satan’s judgment”.

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