SOME FOOD GROUP CHOICES: fruit basket edited


Eggs –boiled, scrambled, fried (use only real butter, coconut oil or olive oil and occasionally for the real “southern” a little bacon drippings from healthy clean meat), over easy or omelet (make sure you are adding clean veggies and/or meat, same with cheese). Stay away from eggs Florentine and benedict because they can have bread in them, same with quiche unless it is done with no crust or specially made crust that has no bread or pasta in it.

Oatmeal– try to get gluten and GMO free.

Bacon– turkey or pork (be sure to get meat that is clean meaning…antibiotic and hormone free and hopefully fed the things they naturally eat)

Coffee- preferably organic and I use Primo Java (see it on my website).

Orange Juice– BE careful these are LOADED with sugar! (get something with NO sugar added and if it says concentrate, it has sugar added). Simply Orange is a good one, I use it sometimes with low acid because I am personally acid intolerant.

WHAT to avoid during this time… sugar, bread (including waffles and pancakes) and white potatoes.


Salad mix -(romaine, arugula, kale, spinach, baby greens etc) Iceberg is okay but had little value so add some other with it. (STAY away from Caesar has croutons and sweetened salad mix).

Potato– red, yellow or sweet. Try to stay away from Idaho for the time being. Red is high in nutrients as is yellow. Sweet has its own set of nutrients that are wonderful!

Meats – (during this time, I am not eating much meat at all. But meat is a great source of protein and if it is fish…omega 3’s). Beef is ok if you get it healthy and clean as is chicken, turkey or even pork ( I personally do not eat pork of any kind, just don’t like how the animal processes their food). FISH YES! Salmon, tilapia, flounder, cod, tuna, Mahi Mahi, perch, bass, bluegill are many choices of fish but stay away from catfish and crustaceans because they are bottom feeders.   Unfortunately, bottom feeders eat the garbage on bottom of lakes, streams and the ocean and these days, one never knows what is on the bottom. STAY away from “farm raised” any kind of fish because unlike other meats farm raise, hormones AND steroids ARE included in the fishes diet!

Veggies – pretty much all veggies are inclusive, just be careful with peppers and tomatoes if you have joint issues as they can exacerbate inflammation etc.

Beans– ANY! Lots of protein!

Fruits- fresh is always good but if you must, frozen is next choice! Sometimes I have to use canned but I always try to get NO SUGAR added (still read the label see what may have been added, less is more and wash thoroughly). Berries are best for antioxidants, easy on the banana’s but good if you need potassium from working out a lot, still, be careful. Apples have lots of natural sugar…so be careful how many but know that apples are great for your intestines and even healing things inside your mouth, believe it or not!

There are all kinds of fruits that are healthy, learn to research them for yourself…it is empowering when YOU know!

Spices– one number one that I would definitely incorporate into your diet as I am doing is turmeric!  VERY healing for joint pain and inflammation along with many other benefits! Salt (kosher or sea salt is best), pepper (cracked if you can get it, otherwise it is good just remember about joints and inflammation). Curry is a great one especially using on chicken when you bake chicken or boil it and tear up for a chicken salad. Most all the others and remember cinnamon is really good as well with a lot of health benefits, use it on your sweet potato or pumpkin stuff.

Nuts and seeds– almonds, pistachio, brazil (great for selenium), pecans, walnuts (wonderful help to the colon), hazelnuts, peanuts, macadamia, pine nuts, pumpkin seed, sunflower seeds are all good stuff!

Grains- at this time I am NOT adding this much in the diet but a little at a time. Long grain wild rice GMO and gluten free…ALWAYS that! Brown rice (stay away from white rice). Quinoa is pretty good it has amino acids and good source of protein.

Cheeses – if you are a type “O” blood type, you need protein and cheese is good but don’t overdo it!  Remember, white cheese generally does NOT have sugar but always check because some cheese has sugar…avoid those. Provolone is great as is swiss!

 Condiments and Sauces…HERE is where you really have to be picky!!! DO NOT use ANY condiment that has high fructose corn syrup or sugar!!! NO NO NO!! I use a special mayo that is actually called Real Mayo and I use ketchup that has NONE of the stuff I aforementioned and organic mustard. Those are basics and I would be very, VERY careful not to venture out too far with condiments they almost ALWAYS have sugar and high fructose corn syrup! Stay away from sauces that you don’t make yourself as well!

Stay away from salad dressings unless you KNOW they don’t have sugar or high fructose corn syrup and be careful even in the organic/ healthfood isle, they have sugar in them!  I make my own and it is great!

Share that in a bit…

Sweeteners– NO NO NO to any form of artificial sweetener as they are HORRIBLE and cause cancer! Equal, Splenda and Sweet and Low are all known to have cancer causing agents!

Here are healthy choices for you: Stevia (not just any ole kind either, check labels), Agave, Honey and Maple syrup (the real stuff not fake full of high fructose corn syrup). ALSO any fruit juice FROM the actual fruit can be used, just give them a good “squeeze”.

Baking, grilling, broiling, boiling and some frying depending upon what you use TO fry with.

Incorporate Apple Cider vinegar with honey and warm water at least once a day! This is good for you and helps get rid of toxic stuff.

Remember, lemon and hot water with honey is another really good “cleanse”!  And lemons are REALLY full of vitamins!

I am posting on FB what I am doing daily and for the most part steering away from heavy thing trying to help my body get rid of the toxicity.