heavenly hand reaching

NETWORK: a group of people or organizations that are closely connected and that work with each other

CONNECTION: a situation in which two or more things have the same cause, origin, goal, etc.

PlUG IN:to establish an electric circuit by inserting a plug.

WE are “Plugged In” to THE Source!  “Connected” with others who are KINGDOM minded and we stay NETWORKED to accomplish the work JESUS gave us to do, in order to BE Kingdom Aligned!


BEKingdom Alignment is aligned with  PowerHouse Ministries in Nashville TN where Rev.Lori Lynn was Ordained through and is an Associate Minister.

180 Revolution is a Ministry Outreach under the umbrella of B.E.K.A. Network

There are other ministries B.E.K.A. is connected with, and coming into a greater alignment with as God’s plan keeps unfolding and we will share them when His plan is fully revealed.