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Train to Reign

By Rev. Lori Lynn

GOD’S WILL “HIS KINGDOM COME AND HIS WILL TO BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN” WE MUST HAVE A “HEAVEN” MINDSET! This is a book to bring a good cultural change upon earth “Heaven culture”! Learn how to be a part of it!



“Prophetic Principles”By Rev. Lori Lynn

DISCOVER your gift, call and life assignment! HEAR and recognize Holy Spirit! OPERATE with Heaven here on earth! DO what JESUS did and much more! Prophetic Principles will LAUNCH you into a NEW level of revelation & understanding that will help you KNOW your “life purpose”! You will learn HOW to find LIFE CHANGING answers for yourself and others!


Spirit Kids II book cover for adverstisements


Spirit Kidz II

 Author Lori Lynn

A fictional book for children of “all ages”. Awakened is the second book of the Spirit Kidz series and opens up where Discovery left off.
In Discovery, the teens had made a fascinating discovery that opened up a whole other world to them and they had been on such a great adventure until major disaster struck right where they live. The teens make their way out of all the confusion and mess in an attempt to figure out what was going on and to get on with their lives, but things were going to be very different than before the unexplained disaster.
They encounter more of the supernatural realm that leads them to beginning to understand their purpose but it can only come if they are truly awakened!


Spirit Kidz Series

Author Lori Lynn

What once was invisible is now made seen! Discover how a coupleSpirit_Kidz_Cover_for_Kindle of teenagers and other kids find an ancient secret that has been visible but misunderstood for centuries. Follow them on a journey that will take you into another world where evil exists but good is greater! A place where this ancient book reveals mystery, power and eternal life! You will be introduced to the most famous person that lived on earth and is alive TODAY, as these kids learn to live in another realm and become “Spirit Kidz”!



From Darkness to Light

Author Lori Lynn

In a room with no light, what can you see in the total darkBEKA darkness to light book coverness? What if a flashlight is turned on or one candle is lit, how much can you see? Probably a little but not everything, but when the light is turned on illuminating the entire room what can you see? Everything! When light first enters the darkened room, it is often like a single candle burning, with some things illuminated but not everything. After having been in total darkness, when light enters the vision is blurred and has to adjust but the longer you are in the Light, the more you see with your eyes and the more that is illuminated, everything becomes clearer. That is how it is within our hearts when Jesus enters bringing His Light. What we thought was one thing ends up not being at all what we thought, we discover in the darkness where we had been there are many deceptions. It takes the light of truth to reveal lies we have believed so we can be set free! Sometimes we have lived in a half lit room instead of the fullness of Light and it can damage our vision, our perception, the way we process things. This book will help to bring you out of darkness and into the Light!


Hearing His Voice     BEKA Hearing His Voice

Author Rev. Lori Lynn

“Be still…and KNOW that I AM God” were the words I heard in a male voice speaking to me ~ awakening me, as I was lying in a hospital bed after surviving a grinding car accident. Then upon opening my eyes, and much to my utter astonishment, I saw a glowing figure standing at the end of my bed, with outstretched arms in a most endearing manner. As a teenager, I can assure you I had no grid of understanding as to why this happened or what it could mean. Much later in my life, I would again hear these same words spoken aloud which launched me on a pursuit to know THE One who spoke to me. As I have been on this adventure, it has been the greatest endeavor of my life. Join me in a journey through pages filled with enlightening scriptures and experiences that will hopefully open YOUR ears and eyes to see and hear Him, because He wants YOU to “know” Him. “Call unto Me and I will show you great and mighty things you do not know…” Jeremiah 33:3 **paperback version of “Prophetic Principles” manual.